ATROCITY ACT or Atrocious Act?

Poor Narendra Modi. I am really worried about him. He is too busy touring the world and forgetting that he has a soft underbelly now being targetted by his SECULAR enemies.

As Modi goes globetrotting not a minute was wasted by the Fifth Columnists, IN INDIA THEY ARE CALLED SECULARISTS, as they began scheming using every strategem in their repertoire and the most powerful weapon of it all the Dalit bomb which is million times more powerful than any atomic bomb.

My fear is it could be the beginning of making Modi a victim of Dalit entrapment if the IIT incident of pro-Ambedkar students’ group being banned is anything to go by.

Secularists are as cruel and merciless as they are cunning and anti-India. They have enough money to give each Indian Rs 15 lakhs and still have enough left for the second round.

Now let me explain why I fear the deadly conspiracy of Dalit entrapment being sprung on Modi though he has nothing whatsoever to do with IIT imbroglio.

The sad fact is the youths, even many of us who are above 50, barely have any idea how deadly is this SC and the ST(Prevention Of Atrocities) Act that is ticking over our heads. Those who think what I am saying is fear fantasy are truly living in Fool’s Paradise

One incident will suffice. While in Hyderabad I had a childhood friend who was very close to me. He was from BC community and yet we lived and behaved like brothers. His elder brother (working in BARC) brought a piece of land in Safilguda, Hyderabad and built a house. A Senior Dalit railway officer too built a house with one set of boundary being common to both. It so happened that my friend’s brother complained to the Dalit that he had encroached 3 inches into his land while building his compound wall. The Dalit refuted the claim — though the draftsman whom my friend’s brother had called in to verify the encroachment clearly certified that there was indeed an encroachment.

One day while my friend’s brother was having an argument with the Dalit my friend happened to come there. To his shock he heard the Dalit abusing his brother whom he considered next to God as he was the eldest of his three brothers and had brought up the family. My friend without knowing what it MEANS TO CONFRONT A DALIT, scolded the railway guy saying, “If you don’t watch your words I will break your hindquarters (rough Telugu translation).”

Maybe the Dalit would not have taken offence had my friend’s brother had said something like that since the dispute was with him. But my friends words so enraged this Dalit guy that he rushed to the police station and simply filed a few-lines complaint stating that “he was insulted (by my friend) because he is a Dalit.”

The police soon came and picked my friend from his house and despite several pleas that he never insulted the Dalit expect saying what he said, the police refused to listen. They said he has been booked under the Atrocity Act and arrested. The poor guy was taken to a jail 40km from his house at Malkajgiri. It was then I realised how poor Jews MUST have felt and shivered when Hitler’s thugs came knocking at their doors.

For next two days was hell for his two elder brothers who went hunting for a gazetted officer so that the bail could be secured.

There was a wonderful article in Indian Express by Rahul Bajaj, CMD of Bajaj Group, sometime in the last decade (I leave it to archive hunters to find the year and date) in which he recounts how an industrialist of Pune known for integrity and compassion was picked up and jailed after a Dalit worker of his factory had complained that his MD had “insulted him because he was a Dalit.” Police rode roughshod over the industrialist as no corroborating evidence or witness was sought. It was a real terror and helplessness, writes Bajaj.

Rahul Bajaj further writes how the terror of the SC/ST Atrocity Act haunts him. When a Dalit complains THAT IS THAT and there are no questions asked, no truth or justification sought and all you tend to become is a bag of potatoes to be picked and dumped into the cooler! CAN A CIVILIZED NATION PERSIST WITH THIS KIND OF LAW? Obviously only a Quota depraved, secularly deranged India can do.

Had the Congress skunks treated Dalits as Indians per se and brought them into the mainstream instead of separating them from others – yes, they did it very well with Muslims too using the subterfuge of Secularism – than this atrocity act would not have made any sense. Today the Dalits claim they are not Indians {Arnab, are you listening? Yasin Mallik is not the only guy}!. Pray, who has reduced India to such a farce?

Today, thanks to these Satanic anti-people and anti-human laws, India is SILENTLY brimming with hatred for no fault of either the poor Dalits or poor Muslims. These oppressive laws have been conveniently turned into vote-getters, creating a PALL of fear and in turn turning into a means of gerrymandering votes.

Can people like Markandey Katju think for a moment how vicious are these laws to any ordinary law-abiding Indians and see how quickly can these be repealed?????


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