ARNAB GO(slowly)

An anchor of a mysterious channel known as “X” and who reminds me of Yule Brynner with his bald pate was hammering yesterday a Sardarji spokesperson of the BJP saying “HOW CAN AN ANONYMOUS COMPLAINT BE TAKEN SO SERIOUSLY AND THE STUDENT’S GROUP BANNED?”

And then it was the hyper-interlligent Arnab’s turn to hammer at the BJP using the same logic: HOW CAN AN ANONYMOUS….?

The sickular media always goes to another extreme when issues such as these crop up as if to proclaim loudly that how concerned they are about Dalits and Muslims.

Now let us see this in proper perspective and hope Arnab does it too. Let us assume Arnab is part of the IIT Campus and sees the shananigans of the Ambedkar group. WOULD HE DARE TO WRITE A LETTER WITH HIS NAME AND ADDRESS? And would the bald pate dare to write a letter with his name and address?

Obviously not. Arnab or the Bald Pate would be skinned alive even without the courtesy of being fried in hot oil to make the skinning easier and quicker.

The DMK thugs are very active in IIT-M campus and once their radar locks onto someone all they need to say is: TOOKUDA AVANAI (usse uthao or lift him up).

Maybe Arnab will think it over after having allowed his BP shoot up to 100/170. After all isn’t he an intelligent man loved by his raving fans worldover since TimesNow is the biggest channel India has ever seen or would see anytime in future?


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