Congress traitors who committed the ORIGINAL SIN of breeding invidious quotas and shoving it down the throat of an unsuspecting India ALREADY HAVING SUFFERED THE IGNOMINY OF BEING RAVAGED BY FOREIGN FORCES AND LEFT LYING SHATTERED DOWN THE AGES.

Congress was successful in fooling the gullible Indians, and even the Supreme Court, by crying DAILY from rooftops that Quotas will bring the Dalits and other backwards {who claim to be another set of Dalits} to the level of the forwards (when the political scums refer to “forwards” I honestly do not know who they are. Are these forwards rich? Medium rich? Poor? Very poor? or beggared?).

I recall one of Hyderabad’s famous and outstanding social scientist Madhav Rao who had written an excellent piece in Deccan Chronicle in the 80s about the futility of quotas saying YOU CAN NEVER WASH A RAT AND MAKE IT WHITE. But the political thugs are persistently washing the rats for the past 66 years, doesn’t matter if it means defiling even the courts, and the rats happen to be still black and cry for one more washing.

SHOULD INDIA WASH THE QUOTA RATS FOR ANOTHER MILLENNIUM? By that time won’t all of us become Dalits?


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