HRD ministry ban on thuggery in IIT campus should be welcomed by one and all.

The so-called pro-Ambedkar students’ group is actually a façade for DMK thugs who instigate and insult forward caste students (including girls) from pursuing their course peacefully. There is so much terror by these QUOTA groups that even the dean is terrified because the QUOTA thugs can put the dean behind bars by saying “untouchables were insulted” under the SC/ST Atrocity Act. That Modi’s govt has acted boldly against these thugs is PRAISEWORTHY.

D Raja and Kancha Ilaiah who have been weaned on the syrup of quotas and for being gloriously backward having born as SCs are up in arms shouting that India will face a BLOODY REVOLUTION if these groups are banned. Yes if a bloody revolution comes all of us will be happy and will welcome it as we are ready to break the bones of these scums who drag India down the drain and have been blackmailing us ever since with their QUOTA TERRORISM.


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