When the MBA passed Zeeshan Ali Khan or Misbah Qadri begin croaking in front of TV channels about being denied a job or a flat because they are Muslims the tragedy is the Congress Secular chickens have come home to roost.

Secularists never wanted Muslims to live decently as Indians among INDIANS.

The original sin was made by Congress skunks when Secularism was used as a subterfuge to vitiate the Indian Constitution to make Muslims happy legalizing Muslim separateness. Today the monster of Muslim separateness has degenerated to such an extent that it is as if Constitution guarantees Muslims some divine right over Hindus simply because they are Muslims.

Treason for Congress is what a juicy bone is for a dog. The Congress knew it is destroying India using Secularism and condemn the Muslims till eternity. Yes, its treachery against our Motherland and the Hindus fetched excellent dividends in the form of votes as Muslim morons kept voting for the party again and again to power in the mistaken belief that Congress is their sole repository of their “Muslim Identity.”

This DIVINE right of Muslim identity conferred through making them “Un-Indianly separate” has bred hatred and sullen anger among the Hindus. Not surprisingly Hindus today see Muslims as Muslims and not as Indians when they deny a flat to an innocent Misbah Qadri. The poison of deadly religious politics through secularism is what leprosy is to a leper. Can a Hindu deny a Parsi a flat?

Congress divided Indians on religious and caste grounds through secularism and quotas to make each one of us unwanted vis-a-vis the other. Then why cry foul over Hindu backlash that Zeeshan Ali Khan or Misbah Qadri are facing today? Chickens, secular or otherwise, are bound to come home to roost. Right?

When India became independent the Congress instead of unifying Indians set upon dividing them by enacting laws that broke the religious unity and deepened the caste divide to such an extent that today s.o.b politicians take it as their divine right to destroy India further through divide and rule.

Congress treachery of using quotas and secularism has made all of us anything but Indian.

Antinational Congress driven by a mad desire wanted to make India its pocket borough. There was no other way to succeed in its devilish plan then breed Muslim separateness and fragment casteist Hindus further with quotas.

Satan Congress could easily do that because India was already a divided and accursed country. Worse what is left of India is that they beggared everyone in the process.


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