Japan was brutally razed to the ground and a new Japan arose from its DEVILISH ashes. We foolish Indians have been thinking that Modi will be doing the same in removing the smallpox policies of the quota-secular past and in creating and building a NEW VIBRANT INDIA.

Instead the same rotten foundation on which India today stands seems to be glorified and we are fed with EMPTY RHETORIC. It is time Modi understands that India needs a brutal surgery not a quickfix solution of painting a Paradise that glistens yonder in the eyes of silly infatuated Indians.

Yes! To have a leader of the caliber of Kemal Mustafa Ataturk’s status we need a politician — and I still believe passionately Modi comes very close possessing it — to eradicate the depraved quotas. But trapped as he is in the clutches of a “secular” BJP the question is does Narendra Modi have the will to break the shackles of past?

MAKE NO MISTAKE if India has to shine and progress it needs a complete getaway from the CONGRESS QUOTA-SEC{sick}ULAR PAST. Modi so far seems to be substituting his inaction with excellent rhetoric. Rhetoric never killed the crow when cursed to death. Words are empty when not followed by action


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