Supreme Court should suo moto take up today’s judgment of a single judge bench of Justice C R Kumaraswamy of Karnataka High Court acquitting Jayalalitha in DA case.

This is a glaring judgment when she had been categorically and emphatically convicted last September by Special Court Judge Michael D’Cunha holding her guilty of amassing wealth disproportionate to known sources of her income under Sections 109 and 120 (b) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. He had also convicted her aide Sasikala and two others.

If today’s judgment is correct then the earlier judgment was travesty of justice.

When a court gives a judgment it applies its mind fully to the evidence at hand without deliberating who the person is or what the party affiliation of the person is or how important he or she is and then after weighing consciously all the evidence does it deliver the judgment. This is how the SANCTITY of the court is maintained and people develop faith in the system. Therefore there is no reason to suspect MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE in Cunha’s judgment nor suspect he having succumbed to extraneous pressures in convicting Jayalalitha. Nor does any foul play remotely evident in Cunha’s judgment.

Today a cocksure Jayalalitha will be basking in the glory following her triumph of having created — along with other political Frankenstein monsters — a Quota India which seems to work to her advantage for an India permanently divided vertically into two compartments has shown how one compartment can rule the roost and be considered above the law. If Indian Justice system shies away from punishing these Frankenstein’s monsters, such as Laloos, Mayawatis, A Rajas and Jayalalithas one shudders to think what sort of India we all live in.

Jayalalitha’s triumph is disturbing to say the least.


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