It is shameful that justice, or whatever is left of it, being delivered after 13 years in Salman hit-and-run case. See the mockery of justice when the event occurred in 2002 and the trial itself begins in 2006 and judgment is coming in 2015!

Did the simple act of a hit-and-run require gathering of evidence for FOUR long years for trial to begin? WHAT SORT OF GATHERING OF EVIDENCE BEEN INDULGED IN?

Any trial should be over in six months or in exceptional circumstance within a year when the evidence is comparatively fresh and justice can be meted out fairly and squarely. After 13 years who will believe Salman is guilty? AND THEN WHO CARES?

Do the political morons who rule India know how much man-days are lost for coming to the court for the nth time when the judge says come after 15 days or a month and then tirelessly says the same thing over and over again while act of earning one’s livelihood gets badly affected not speak of money lost for the country in terms of man-days which has been estimated to run in trillions of rupees. Can a poor beggared India afford this criminal waste of time and money? It is a slur on India’s progress and prosperity. I DON’T THINK INDIA CAN EVER CLAIM TO BE A WELFARE STATE.

Indians, WE THE ORDINARY PEOPLE, must emphatically reject such justice delivered after 13 years or more. WHY HARASS SOMEONE FOR 13 YEARS AND THEN DELIVER A FARCE OF JUSTICE when the victim or his relatives have lost memory of the pain and suffering they once underwent? JUSTICE DELAYED IS certainly JUSTICE DENIED.

Does a justice delivered so late in the day do good to Salman or the victim(s) except giving some vicarious pleasure to the TRP hungry TV channelwallahs and the mediawallahs who think sufferings makes better juicy news?

It is mockery of justice and the blame squarely rests on the rulers of the country for their criminal negligence to revamp our judicial system. Everyone must hang their head in shame for the state of affairs as INDIA certainly DESERVES BETTER.


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