Quota depraved politicians who swear by our Secular Constitution get terrified when a terrorist in Pakistan sneezes. If they protest against the sneeze will it be considered violation of India’s Peculiar (Secular) Constitution? The tragedy is quota-cum-secularism makes an Indian politician utterly silly.

If Dawood’s whereabouts are not known so what? Ask BLOODY Pakistan to locate him and hand him over or else threaten the Pakistan with Economic blockade, if you have the bloody guts. Didn’t you have the bloody guts to blockade poor Nepal?

Obviously Dawood has to be in Pakistan and not somewhere hidden by Pakistan in Mars, right?

Quota sick beggars who rule us twiddle their thumbs and dawdle and give silly replies though it may sound secularly wonderful.

“The subject has not been located so far. Extradition process with regard to Dawood Ibrahim would be initiated once the subject is located,” MoS Haribhai Chaudhury said.

Haribhai should know that Pakistan is openly laughing at our cowardly face, at our quota sick country.

Better if cowardly Indians don’t pretend to be brave and talk about Dawood. LET DAWOOD REST IN PEACE.



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