Tavleen Singh writing in the Indian Express years ago had mentioned how Salman Khurshid, then the foreign secretary, had overnight helped Dawood Ibrahim escape the noose when the Maharashtra police was getting ready to pick him up early next day morning. In the secrecy of night Dawood ran for his life thanks to Khurshid who arranged all the legal formalities and helped him board a plane to land safely in Pakistan.

After Tavleen’s report in Express shameless Khurshid even did not dare to deny this report.

Of course Dawood was yet to stage the Mumbai blasts but when Khurshid was helping him escape Dawood was already RED HOT wanted as he was for many murders. {In graphic detail Pritish Nandy had carried an article in The Illustrated Weekly about the way Dawood set upon his murders wiping out one by one his potential rivals and enemies. Kudos to Nandy it was a well-researched article}

Now Arnab is debating that Dawood had wanted to surrender. This is stupid. Dawood had already staged the massive Mumbai serial blasts when he is supposed to have contacted Ram Jethmalani and broached his surrender. Would a cunning Dawood come back to be jailed or hanged? Won’t Dawood prefer to take a cup of poison instead at his Karachi residence?

I fail to understand who is spreading this “san sani” on Dawood. Arnab is making much ado about nothing.



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