The world should be amused today at CRAVEN India’s breast-beating at the release of the Mumbai terror accused Lakhvi.

India revels in SECULAR nonsense. On Lakhvi’s release it has sickeningly conveyed to Pakistan that the release will make a mockery of Pakistan’s commitment to fight terror groups. This is worse joke than Pappu being named by the Congress as the future PM of India.

When did Pakistan say it will fight terror that brutalizes India? Despite mountain of evidence showing Pakistan complicity in 26/11 and the then finance minister Quota Chidambaram sending dossier after dossier Pakistan had stood its ground denying any role in the macabre event though it made cursory arrests, including Lakhvi, to please the international community.

INDIA ALWAYS BAILS OUT PAKISTAN when Pakistan needs to be punished. Soon after Mumbai incident we should have cut all ties with Pakistan until the Pak Establishment was forced to hand the Mumbai culprits to us because the crime was committed on our soil. Economic embargo — the Secular Quota thugs did that to poor Nepal during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure — would have brought Pakistan to its knees and also shown the brazen Kashmiri separatists that India is proud of its sovereignty. But weakened morally to the point of being characterless after purveying quotas and secularism for past 66 years India did not have the stomach to bell the Pakistan cat.

The tragedy was that during the anti-national Congress rule Pakistan was encouraged to paint India as a country sponsoring terror which made even Uncle Sam seem half impressed and interested.

One example will suffice. On January 20, 2012 the great Dalit Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde had charged the RSS and the BJP for being “behind the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon blasts.” He even went as far as saying that these organizations were running training camps to promote ‘Hindu terrorism’.

If our own quota Home Minister gladly becomes India’s ENEMY NO 1 what right have we to blame Pakistan?

Now see what happens. A day after Shinde’s GRAND declaration, LeT chieftain Hafiz Saeed (also the mastermind of Mumbai attack) called for a ban on the RSS. This certainly was the toast of the town for the venal Congress for it was ruling “Islamic Republic of India” and, therefore the No 1 enemy had to be the RSS.

Pakistan always gets away harping on India’s hand in Samjhauta Express blast whenever cowardly India gripes in pain to Pakistan about its terror activities. And never did Congress ruled India counter Pakistan’s bogey on Samjhauta with the contempt it deserves. With Shinde’s statement coming as the climax, India’s weak-kneed cowardly foreign policy had treachery as the icing on the cake when the evidence clearly pointed to Pakistani involvement.

On the Smajhauta blast the UN and the US have said clearly that LeT is the culprit while Shinde was harping that “ANTI-SECULAR” Hindus were the culprits by nailing Purohits and Sadhvis.

See what the UN resolution [No 1267] of the Committee on Sanctions of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] dated June 29, 2009 declared:
“Qasmani Arif…chief coordinator of the relations of the [LeT] with other organisations…has worked with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba to facilitate terrorist attacks including…the bombing of February 2007 in the Samjhauta Express in Panipat (India).” If this is what the UN said in 2009 why did the traitor Shinde in 2012 state otherwise? DO YOU SEE HOW SECULAR MADNESS SANCTIFIED BY OUR WONDERFUL CONSTITUTION PERVERTS THE RULERS?

The UNSC further said that Qasmani was funded by Dawood Ibrahim and he did the fundraising for the LeT and the al-Qaida, “In exchange for their support, al-Qaida provided support staff for the February 2007 bombing of the Samjhauta Express in Panipat.”

Two days later on July 1, 2009, the United States Treasury Department said in a press release: “Arif Qasmani has worked with the LeT to facilitate terrorist attacks, including…Samjota Express bombing.”

The US had named four Pakistanis, including Arif Qasmani as terrorists, under Executive Order No 13224. The UNSC and US Treasury Department named the LeT, Qasmani and Dawood Ibrahim as accused in Samjhauta terror. SECULAR SHINDE WOULD HAVE NONE OF THIS NONSENSE. SO IF TRAITORS RULE INDIA who will save India?

And six months after the UN and US announced sanctions against the LeT and Qasmani, strangely Pakistan’s then Interior Minister Rehman Mallik too admitted that Pakistani terrorists were involved in the Samjhauta blast.

Treacherous Congress-NCP rulers of Maharashtra went to the extent of compromising the integrity of Maharashtra Police by shifting the blame from Islamists to Hindus by making Col Purohit and other Hindus the fall guy to gain bloody votes and stick on to power.

When Pakistan and SIMI hand was clearly evident in Samjhauta blast, the Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad [ATS] was forced to tell the Special Court that Col Purohit “involved in the Malegaon blast in which RDX was used” was the one who had supplied RDX for the Samjhauta blast. In no time India Today refuted the ATS saying that Samjhauta investigators (after a study done of the blast by the National Security Guard) had clearly told it that no RDX was used and instead Potassium Chlorate and Sulphur had caused the explosion. The ATS was forced to retract its statement but in the eyes of ordinary people the damage was done. This is how SECULAR CONGRESS WAS GIVING ON PLATTER PAKISTAN THE AMMUNITION TO TARGET RSS AND THE BJP shifting blame from LeT and the SIMI on to Purohit and through him the RSS and the BJP.

Shinde has gone scot-free for his treachery without being punished even for a day. Actually Shinde was conveying the impression that the UNSC and the US Treasury Department of fabricating charges against Pakistani culprits like Qasmani, Dawood and the LeT. See who the Secular Congress can even go to the extent of besmirching the United Nations !!

Shinde was a puppet of GRAND CONSPIRATORS WHO COMPRISED Sonia’s INNER coterie and he was naturally dancing to their tune. But what Shinde did to India’s integrity by white-washing Hafeez Saeed in order to run down RSS and the BJP as sponsors of terror was the most shameful chapter in India’s history.

The world too saw how low the characterless Indian politicians can sink in their greed to rule India. Still 3/4th of India has faith in these vulgar politicians who divide to rule us permanently.


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