It is difficult to please a self-contained man than a beggar. A beggar is pleased as long as alms are given. This is the bloody strategy adopted by the venal Congress for the past 66 years by ushering in quota permit Raj. BEGGAR THE PEOPLE AND ANY ALMS WILL MAKE THEN HAPPY.

For a start the ration shops were the first step and the right way to go about beggaring the people. Congress beggared the people so much that even officers and well-to-do families in Hyderabad were seen running after ration shops.

This is why I like Gujarat where people are fiercely independent and refuse to be beggared. There was a ration shop near my house and it daily looked as if it was haunted. The guy simply closed it and ran away. There was one a little far away and except seeing some nomads now and then standing outside not a soul other than that would be seen anywhere near the shop. This guy too ran away. I simply don’t know if any ration shop now dares to exist to woo the Gujaratis.

Gujaratis are proud people. They hate those who attempt to beggar them.

But the story is different in “ONCE GLORIOUS” Andhra Prades which until early 70s was a progressive and nearly the No 1 state in the country when Chief Minister Vengal Rao was ruling.

Vengal Rao was like Modi a visionary and a man who wanted people to stand on their own legs without looking at the government for their daily needs. But once Indira Gandh launched a concerted attack the state was truly beggared. It all began when she dumped an Allwyn coolie Anjaiah as the CM on the head of unsuspecting people soon after Vengal Rao’s exit. Anjaiah heralded the slide and downturn of AP that today makes AP look worse than Bihar.

And in Andhra women even today get reserved seats in buses. And a few years back I was travelling in a bus and two guys were seated in the last of the seats reserved for women. When a woman entered the bus midway to my shock she began scolding the two for daring to occupy the women’s seat and was questioning even their morality. THIS WOMAN WAS CLEARLY BEGGARED BY THE VENAL CONGRESS NETAS WHO PURVEY QUOTAS AND DISTRESS AND POVERTY recklessly.

But in the early 80s the Congress hooligans who ruled Gujarat too made the same cunning attempt to segregate women in buses. The Gujaratis were incensed and fought fiercely going to the extent of approaching the courts. Congress hooligans who thought their attempt to beggar Gujarat was working had to make an indecent and hasty retreat.

Gujarat has lot to teach other states. Gujaratis will do business — even a petty one to keep their body and soul together — rather then beg the rotten politicians. Time the people of Andhra learnt from these fiercely independent people and come out of their beggared mindset.


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