India’s political garbage never stops making news.

The greatest of all Indian power brokers had paid $5 million donation to the Clinton Foundation on behalf of a SHAMELESS Congress to swing the Sonia’s pet nuclear deal.

This powerful power broker was none other than Amar Singh and he saved MMS skin after Mulayam Singh was made to loan him to do the dirty task of bailing the Congress out.

Amar then was no ordinary man. He was the general secretary of the Samajwadi Party. This new stink that has hit the ceiling has come via the New York Post which reported it a day ago.

This power broker having no excuses to make all he now says is that it was not him who donated to Clintons but maybe some friend of his on his behalf. It is like Osama bin Laden saying some friend of his could have knocked the Twin Towers down and not him as he was a poor man hiding in a remote cave in Afghanistan.

This donation was made in 2008 when the US Congress was debating the Indo-US civil nuclear cooperation deal. Democrat Hillary Clinton had voted in favour of the deal soon after the Amar donation and sharply against the party stand against the deal.

Hillary’s husband became infamous for his shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky and like the Quota curse dogging India she could even become the next US president if the sade sathi contagion that inflicts India goes abroad to her land.

More importantly lets talk about this power broker Amar Singh chap. He started as a Congressman in his colourful political career which was in early 60s and like all true Congressmen he was naturally talented in sleaze and power broking. But in Congress things were not going to his liking and what better than Secular Mulayam? Mulayam’s bandwagon was a rosy ride and that is where he made his billions and which he distributed with so much panache and fanfare.

Just before Amar Singh was bribing the Clintons there was another shameful deed of his. It was his gifting a Bentley car worth Rs 2.5 crore as a birthday gift to Abhishek Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan rolls and soaks in money. Should he have accepted it from a dubious character a car for his son when for this great Bollywood actor 2 crore is what 20 rupees is for all of us?

Amitabh had once acknowledged what Amar Singh said and that was “Amitabh was his elder brother.” So what did this younger brother do? He takes the newly married couple Abhisekh and Aishwariya to Tirupati and gives Rs 80 lakhs for jumping over a long queue. This “donation” was something so startling that even Lord Balaji had to happily give darshan.

Those who were standing in the infernal and hot sultry queue for hours expressed their anger, and some were cursing the Bachchans as it was shown on the TV channels.

It is a sad distressing tale that money power is blatantly used even in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Venkateshwara. Is this how Lord Balaji makes himself so rich in that any power broker can sway him so easily, not to speak of a man so powerful that he even moves a mountain with a mountain of cash?

And the parting gift of this broker before he quit SP was in making Jaya Bachchan a Rajya Sabha MP and she still continues to be so. (Of course today Amar Singh squarely blames Jaya Bachchan for his falling out with Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav)

BJP will be shameless if it does not probe this Amar donation to Clintons and must ask Hillary to explain the illegal gratification. If it was hard earned taxpayers money that Amar Singh squandered under the blessings of venal Congress then both the Congress and Amar must be put in the dock.

It is time India punishes those who cheat her and stab her. This has gone for the umpteenth time.


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