In its arrogance of having been the single largest party after Independence the Congress took it for granted that “Congress is India and India is Congress.”

This prevented merit from gaining ground and leading to qualified leadership in the party while chamchas and toadies became too hot and powerful and began hoisting the dynasty on its own petard.

With no vision or dream of making India a country without caste or religious discrimination the Congress run by toadies became totally corrupt and decadent after Indira Gandhi’s dictatorial rule had ended abruptly. The dynasty kept popping up its head in shock after the giant killer PV Narasimha Rao miraculously made it big in the Congress hierarchy. Toadies and chamchas were not only restless but saw red in Bairam Khan of the South.

Once PVN went the chamchas and courtiers began singing paeans of the dynasty and the master of ceremonies turned out to be Arjun Singh who said if Sonia asks him he will die for her. But these men and women were as brainless as they were worthless when it came to thinking of shaping India’s future. All they did was to glorify their mistress and squander lakhs of taxpayers money — the farce of helping poor farmers was one of them when 76k crore went down the drain — and blithely loot the exchequer till India began haemorrhaging. Of course It certainly filled its own coffers. The defence deals were outstanding for its loot and that was enough to make Congress fat cats happy and jubilant.

But the Congress chamchas did one grave mistake by overlooking the fact that Modi juggernaut was all set and getting ready to roll when bandicoots were hammered thrice in a row in Gujarat. Logically this meant Modi was the messiah that India was awaiting and Delhi ought to be his goal. But Congress’s Mani Shankar Aiyars were spitting venom and the clique was passing on the message to Tweedledum and Tweedledee that all was well with Congress’ brain and heart even when doom was written all over the wall.

Had the Congress chamchas shown some sense they would have instead noticed that the Tweedledum and Tweedledee had no substance or quality of leadership to rule a vast and disparate nation like ours. Neither of the two could prevent Congress from being almost wiped out in 2014 despite the courtiers and the Communists and other carpetbaggers who were allowed to make hay thanks to quotas and secularism which kept India deeply divided and miserable and poor.

Today the Tweedledum is making it big taking potshots at Modi calling his government a “suit-boot-ki-sarkar.” The courtiers are going ga-ga while the Tweedledee seems not impressed at her progeny’s combative comeback performance in the Lok Sabha. She was absent and so did several other party MPs, considered close to her, when he spoke even as a few courtiers were seen thumping his khadi clad back.

Timid Tweedledum wants to make his mark in Parliament notwithstanding his 56-day sabbatical. But there seems no takers to his lonely fanfare.


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