1000 BLOWS. Did last blow that break the ROCK?

Anti-national Congress’s Secularism practiced by the political class is not simply Muslim appeasement. It is more diabolic than that. It seeks to degrade and cut the roots of Hindu unity – that leads to Hindus hating Hindus – and what better way than controlling the temples and its properties and making those who have been handling the affairs for ages like the pujaris subservient and dysfunctional?

If govt control is natural why are they not doing it to non-Hindu places of worship? The answer clearly lies in Hindus being treated as second-class citizens by the Secularists and by the Secular Constitution. The seculars are in fierce competition of who can degrade the Hindus faster. The worst assault in history of Free India was seen during the reign of anti-national DMK.

A retired government officer, a reputed one at that as he had held several top posts, had visited years ago the famous Palani temple (a night’s journey from Chennai and situated in Dindigul district) and came with a bizarre story how beef-eaters and unsavory riff-raffs had taken over the sanctum sanctorum. It was a horror story he recounted as the sight was sickening with lumpens moving all around with no asthika pujari in sight. The wonderful Palani temple or the abode of Lord Murugu (son of Lord Shiva) is second to none in its majesty, religiosity, not even to Tirupati temple. Last I had gone there was in 1980 and was impressed by its grandeur, beauty and piety. But the horror recounted by this gentleman makes one feel shaky and fearful of what lies ahead for India.

DMK ruffians began attacking Hindu tradition for reasons not clear to me. During Karunanidhi’s time pujaris or dikshitars were harassed and kicked out and their temple funds confiscated. Political quota thugs believe in attacking Hindu temples as a matter of right, If that is so why not make Hinduism as the state religion?

Even there was controversy about Guruvayoor temple with political manipulation gaining ground. The Indian government has been purposely jeopardizing the future of Hindu temples. Even a moron can see how Hindu institutions and Hinduism in India have been meticulously targeted by secular quota combine simply because it pays to appease one’s vote bank. The unscrupulous are not merely politicians but their cohort shady businessmen-cum-promoters who eye the temple lands. This is what is leading to destruction of Hindu institutions and illegal conversions of Hindus.

The state governments use the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act (HRCE Act) of 1951, to manipulate and pilfer temple funds through their appointed managers of the temple boards presumably for better administration. Strangely no mosque or church is touched or its better administration sought and are left to lie like sleeping dogs to be completely autonomous. Only Hindus face the brunt under this Act as thousands of Hindu temples were already taken over and their properties seized by the political scums who rule SECULAR India. (In Malkajgiri where I once lived I have seen mosques springing up out of nowhere, especially in areas which look like ghettos. Obviously Saudi funds come in like autumn rains unfettered. Why not use HRCE Act?)

A few years back MK Alagiri, Karunanidhi’s elder son, was in the news for all wrong reason for usurping temple lands in Madurai. He is land-grabber of repute and his penchant usually is to cast his eyes on prime temple lands. The ANTI-GOD, ANTI-DECENCY DMK had played havoc with Hindu sentiments. I wonder why Quota Togadia is keeping quiet when so much harm has been done to Hinduism in Tamil Nadu, among others.

Once temples are controlled under HRCE Act political selling of temple assets and properties and use the money in any way the rogues choose turns just a matter of academic interest. None who is connected to the temple or the devotees who donate and patronize them see how the temple money gets looted. Not even a fraction comes back for the betterment of the Hindu community to which the temple belongs. Daylight banditry has gone never before in Tamil Nadu.

In Andhra Pradesh tens of thousands of acres of temple lands are sold away leaving temples with little economic viability. Nor does the state government or the endowments department bother when temple land is encroached by votebank settlers. QUOTA MAD AND SECULARLY DEMENTED POLITICIANS have often regularised encroachments at nominal prices making a mockery of law & justice!!!! These encroachers are closely linked to various political parties.

Even Tirupati is not spared which collects over Rs. 3,500 crores every year and the state government has been taking away as much as 85% of this amount. This money snatched away goes to causes other than for the betterment of Hindu community or sustaining Vedic culture. Rajasekhar Reddy was one of the chief culprits when temple land was being bartered for building churches and for creating tourist attraction by some companies which had already filled the coffers of Jagmohan Reddy. One bizarre case was demolition of a 1000 pillar Mantapam hall in Tirupati temple and Andhra Pradesh High Court had to step in and declare the demolition illegal and instruct the TTD management to reconstruct it.

Jayalalithaaaa openly mocks at the Supreme Court with her adroit handling of quotas having dumped it into the Ninth Schedule. So far Supreme Court has simply watched her shenanigans. There is now no protector for Hinduism or Hindu or Vedic culture. Everything has become free and fair when poltical thugs fight for supremacy.

Speaking about Supreme Court there are many SC judgments against political take over of temples. One came when a PIL was filed by Subramanian Swamy and the Supreme Court Bench in its landmark judgment set the constitutional parameters on the scope of governmental intervention in the management of religious institutions. It opined that any GO on takeover must be ONLY for a limited period. Swamy’s SLP was against Tamil Nadu GO on the take over of the hallowed Nataraja temple and kicking the pujaris (dikshatars) out from administering the temple.

The DMK had then gone to the Madras High Court which IRONICALLY overturned the SC judgment saying “new laws can overturn past court judgments.” This was something unheard of . The issue was pujaris being blocked from their right to administer the affairs of the Nataraja temple which they have been doing for ages.

MERCIFULLY The Supreme Court overturned the Madras High Court when Swamy went again with his SLP and the Court terming the re-opening of the matter by the Madras High Court as “judicial indiscipline” and set aside the 2009 Madras High Court judgment. This is how rotten and venal the poltiical class of India has become when it manipulates the judiciary to further its own interests.


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