What sort of a character is this guy Arnab Goswami?

He asks a lengthy question and the minute the answer is being given he starts objecting and keeps on objecting and brazenly dares to do in between while casting his objections hammering his own views on the one who is unfortunately being stonewalled from answering. He has no patience to listen to any answer and all he does is rattles his questions like Diwali crackers being fired and then has the foolishness to say “I am not being allowed to ask questions.” CAN THERE BE A BIGGER JOKE THAN ARNAB NOT ALLOWED TO ASK QUESTIONS? LOL

Sometimes he takes up causes that are worthy of praise and sometimes he makes an ass of himself. For instance ‪#‎VIPCULTURE‬ he really did a good job but on ‪#‎LGBT‬ he made an ass of himself. Yesterday on ‪#‎BEEFBAN‬ he again made an ass of himself. Maybe in school days teacher loved to make him a “muruga”

You can’t slaughter big animals and get away with it on the specious grounds that somebody’s food chain is being affected or someone who desperately needs protein is being deprived of it.

Asauddin Owaisi was giving a new spin saying thousands will be jobless due to beef ban.

Shouldn’t INQUISITOR Arnab have asked Owaisi what happened to tangawallahs when taxis took over and what happened to taxis when autos took over? ARE THE TANGAWALLAHS AND TAXIWALLAHS now ALL DEAD?

When times change one must change. Nobody objected to chopping trees decades ago. Today can you justify it because it is an age-old practice? THERE IS PERVERTED STREAK IN ARNAB. Sooner he realises it the better.



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