PAKISTAN A TERROR PARIAH, why quotaise it with love?

Pakistan was Indian National Congress creation. Congress RIGHTLY realised that a divided and condemned India walking on Secular and Quota crutches would be no threat to its rule, a rule which the Nehru dynasty sees as a continuation of the Mughal Dynasty.

The treachery of Congress was evident when it declared Israel as the enemy of India when Arabs were trying to decimate it. It is said in the 70s Israel was willing to knock the Kahuta reactor for us as it did to Osirak reactor of the Iraqis. SECULAR Indira Gandhi would have none of it. She wanted the Pak Cancer to grow in strength and keep the Congress and its dynasty on top of the dung heap to rule India. This was most stupid and anti-national thing to do when an opportunity presented for us.

Today the Congress has left behind a legacy where Fifth Columnists and Traitors thrive and survive and paradoxically forming the backbone of a semi-dead party. The Congress was prospering and gaining in strength but thanks to God Almighty it turned semi-dead thanks to one MAN Narendra Modi who was intent on “CONGRESS MUKHT BHARAT.” Or else the 2014 results would have been, as usual, a split verdict leading to UPA III and than UPA IV.

India can smash Pakistan economically as it survives on two or three export items which India has in ample measure if only we can undercut it. But Secular Rascals will not harm even a hair on the head of Pakistan.

Pakistan will never be a friend of India. It will die if it comes to that after debasing and spewing venom on India. Dr Amarjit Singh is right. India must pick the gauntlet instead of running around in circles.


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