The problem isn’t secularism. The problem with secular fundamentalism are the perverted fundamentals of secularism

Being lashed by waves of Congress Secularism for over six decades means to be on an “acid trip” of LSD. You can’t get off till the secular drug has completely worn off but the tragedy is Secular Madness doesn’t wear off in 12 hours like in case of LSD effect. IT LASTS FOR LIFETIME!

In Indian context LSD means “Love Secularism (and be) Deranged.”

LSD Secularism of Katju is dangerous when he says calling something as useful as a cow a mother is “nonsense and humbug.” I won’t be surprised if LSD cow-eaters even stop calling India as their motherland because “Islam prohibits such a calling” and “Secularism means protecting the rights and feelings of minorities.”

Morons should understand that trees were once being chopped mercilessly. Now can they justify tree-cutting? Same way why kill cows when you have far better options of eating and killing cows is detrimental to the environment itself? Only a bigoted pervert will say that cows have nothing to do with environment.

I ask the same question to the LGBTs why ride the same sex partner when you have a better choice? You can’t get away saying it is my right or “I am born in that way.” Then I can also say that I am a born THIEF and claim that I cannot be jailed for being a thief. If you justify one perversion you open the Pandora’s Box.

There is neither reason or emotion in cow-eating. Only fools will argue otherwise. Talking about fools Kalidasa said:

lokasaamaanyam achintyahetukam
Dwishanti mandaashcharitam mahaatmanaam

Fools deride the character of great souls whose conduct and behaviour are different from those of ordinary mortals because fools lack the ability to think clearly why such a difference DOES exist.


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