Sometime back I saw a Youtube video of Zakir Naik flapping his mouth saying Allah has made man to eat animal flesh because He has given the canine teeth for meat-eating like he did for lions and tigers and also teeth for mastication for eating vegetables.

“Flesh that is eaten is digestible by man and what is wrong in eating flesh,” this man asked. In essence Naik was saying Man should eat animals, birds, monkeys alongwith vegetables if it pleases him. I am happy he didn’t say Man should eat Man as well.

He is fooling himself. Simply because Allah has given canine teeth does not mean one should logically conclude Allah wants Muslims to eat flesh. Hippo, camel, rabbits and so many others have canine teeth. Are they flesh eaters?

Saying that Allah wants Muslims to eat meat because he has given canine teeth is like saying Allah has given two hands to hold a gun so go out and kill others. Naik should have been careful while extending nonsensical and monstrous arguments when humans are already harming the Mother Nature and destroying the environment.

If we study what God has given to us it will be clear that He has given us the anatomy for only eating plant food. If there is option of being a vegetarian why kill animals, especially the larger ones like cows and camels? I read somewhere that Arabs prefer to eat baby camels for their tender meat! This is tongue-slavery at its worst.

Half-baked Naik has forgotten that HIPPOS have the largest canine teeth of any land mammal and yet its diet is grass. What about the gorillas with canine teeth? Mountain gorillas — recently NatGeo was showing them eating leaves, stems, pith, and shoots and fruits. Does Naik know that gorillas’ giant canines is not used for eating meat? Thank God Gorillas don’t have a religion or else they would be eating us with mad relish !

Camels with canine teeth are fully herbivores as they eat foliage, dry grasses and desert vegetation which is mostly thorny. Sharp canine teeth in both the upper and lower jaws enable them to crush woody plants for food and not for crushing someone’s flesh.

Our stomachs are only moderately acidic not as acidic as the stomach of a crocodile or a lion or a tiger to digest flesh. And that is the reason why we suffer from food poisoning if the food is not cooked properly from illness-causing bacteria that easily survive in our stomachs. Yet because we are the slaves of our own tongue and have means to kill animals with impunity we cleverly cook, roast and eat them without a twitch of guilt.

Some non-veg characters could start arguing that even plants have life and killing plants is same as killing animals and why differentiate between one life from the other? This is foolish argument for killing animals which I need not go into here.

Animal-based foods are NOT needed for us even if Allah has ORDAINED because not only they are costly but carry health risks. Eating animal products got from killing animals does not give good health which is a myth spread by some over-stout gym trainers. We are different from lions and tigers and we have intelligence to understand what is wrong and right, especially with our food. Therefore we have a choice to select our food with care while lions and tigers don’t. If lions don’t kill they will starve to death but that is not the case with we humans.

Whether one likes it or not vegan diet is safe and harmless and suited for us. It is also spiritually stimulating. Meat eaters are usually prone to violence with some exceptions. God wants us to be vegetarian so that He can be sure he has not mistakenly created two-legged animals.

People like Zakir Naiks must not be spreading untruths in the name of justifying their actions which they equate to GOD ORDAINED.


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