India is now fixated between Queer Quotawallahs on the one side and TRPwallahs on the other.

When truth is spoken both raise Cain.

I wonder what untruth did Giriraj Singh speak when he said had Rajiv Gandhi married a ‘Nigerian woman’ would the Congress party have accepted her as a leader?

The whole spectrum of TRPwallahs, especially the English variety, were crying hoarse today so hoarse that even a TV without a volume control and a speaker would have begun blaring on its own.

All of them were chanting that Giriraj had made rascist remark, insulted women of India. Why should the truth someone was speaking be termed as insult? BY THE WAY isn’t INDIA’S MOTTO SATYAMEVA JAYATE or is it ASATYAMEVA JAYATE? Congress’ COMMUNISTS cohort too were shedding their lion’s share of croc tears.

The same TRPwallahs had gone to town on Sharad Yadav and for once I did not see anything wrong with Yadav’s comment. “The women of the south are dark but they are as beautiful as their bodies..” and “”Your god is dark ” is aphorism at its best and Yadav had spoken only in lighter vein seeing the drab and morbid Rajya Sabha proceedings taking its toll.

Love is blind. For all we know Rajiv could have married a Nigerian woman had he felt her to be attractive. Who says black women are not beautiful? There are many ugly white women. Beauty is not a copyright of white or black women. It is god given and anyone can be beautiful. Don’t TRPwallahs have this much sense? AND finally BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF BEHOLDER. What may look beautiful to Rajiv may not look beautiful to Sanjeev.

Now let us answer the question raised by Giriraj. Certainly the Congress would not have made the Nigerian wife of Rajiv Gandhi as Congress president. Why? Because the whole Gandhi Khandaan is besotted with white skin.

See what Indira Gandhi did. She had two daughters-in-law: one white skinned and another brown skinned or “white skin of Indian variety.” There is no evidence to suggest Indira Gandhi ever scolded the white skin even once let alone make her feel unwanted. But see what happened to brown skin. The brown skinned Maneka was thrown out of the house late at night when her son Varun was having fever. Would heavens have fallen if Maneka was asked to go in the morning when Varun would have been feeling better?

And Rajiv Gandhi, towing his mom’s diktat ordered the security officer NK Singh to physically throw Maneka and her sister Ambika out but he refused saying unless the order was given in writing he wouldn’t do anything like that, as he put it, a police complaint could be filed against him by Maneka.

Disgusting that TRPwallahs should SOLICIT attention so cheaply by concocting racist remarks where there are none.


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