GRP is Cause Celebre

Television Rating Point (TRP) is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most.

But of late TRP has become GRP or Giriraj Rating Point. How many times Giriraj scratches his beard stub makes it a cause celebre for Arnabs and Rahul Shivshankars who start screaming. Of course the latter certainly is better than Arnab when it comes to screaming as he puts on his sphinx like appearance. I wonder if he had ever smiled.
GRPs gives us an index to publicity crazy English TRPwallahs to swing the choice of the people in their favour to show how much they care for weaker sex without realising the irony that Parliament is seeing the supremacy of weaker sex.

CNN-IBN now says they don’t scream when they give out news. Is Arnab listening?

TV channel flunkies should go beyond TRPs. Let them not turn honest opinion expressed into racist remarks. It never pays in the long run as people come to know what a godamn fool you are.


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