If any modern leader after Sardar Patel deserves Bharat Ratna it is one and only one Narendra Modi for getting RID OF India’s DEADLY 3Cs: “Congress, Communists & Corruption.”

Giving Vajpayee Bharat Ratna the jury is still out. Can you give Bharat Ratna to someone who embraces the enemy which attacked your Parliament and continues to bleed you day in and day out? Worse after the Parliament attack he moved the army to the border keeping it idle for six months. Many soldiers played marbles and rummy to while away their time. Is this the way to treat a ONCE glorious Indian Army?

When an army moves forward it is high on morale. It has to do what it has been sent to do: FIGHT QUICKLY. Keeping it idle for six months is a criminal offence which Vajpayee committed. Not only that the frustration in the army was so high that mysterious explosions in fuel and ammunition depot started while the army sat on its haunches at its fag end at the border. WAS some insider showing anger at the political class resorting to this sabotage? HOW then THESE EXPLOSIONS OCCURRED and why never explained?

Even postponing the D Day by a few days can affect the army’s morale while Vajpayee allowed the Indian army to twiddle its thumb for nearly six months.

How sensitive Hitler was to the idea of German Army’s morale can be seen when he set August 26, 1939 as the jump off date of German Army on Poland. Learning Britain signing a new treaty with Poland promising military support and some of his generals getting cold feet he was forced to postpone the attack by a week. In this suspenseful five days Hitler realised how dangerous it was to keep the army idling on the border which could seriously affect the morale. Either he went forward or backward. INDIANS ARE GOOD AT GOING BACKWARD but not the Germans. Instead of any further delay he fixed September 1 come what may and at 4.45 am the Germans moved forward smashing Poland. The question here is not whether his attack was morally right or wrong but of safeguarding German Army’s morale.

Vajpayee should have quickly withdrawn the army and sent them back to barracks once he knew HE LACKED THE GUTS TO HIT AT PAKISTAN. He did not do that instead preferring to sap army’s morale. Does this not disqualify him from getting a Bharat Ratna?

Of course looking from another bizarre angle if a dubious Sachin Tendulkar can be given a Bharat Ratna I daresay Vajpayee deserves 100 Bharat Ratnas. Even one can be given for his oratorical skills.

Talking about Vajpayee’s oratorical skills I admit he was the best among the Indian politicians whom I have heard. None can beat him, even Narendra Modi.

I remember when he came to our small town in Hyderabad called Malkajgiri in 1980. He was supposed to come at 5pm and address an impromptu meeting at the small volleyball ground of the electricity office. Not many were waiting for him. Time passed and BJPwallahs were assuring us that there is some delay in the plane’s arrival and he will be coming any moment. FINALLY when I was about to leave at 8pm angry that BJPwallahs had taken us for a ride he arrived mysteriously and profusely apologized.

Hardly 20 people were there. It was my good fortune to stand in front of him, almost at a hand-shaking distance. What I saw of him at very close quarters I liked very much. There was an exuberance of honesty and simplicity. He seemed sincerely committed doing something good for India.

And the speech he gave that day was FANTASTIC AND SCINTILLATING, the thrill of which sometimes stirs me even today. PARADOXICALLY it was fantastic and scintillating because he had used bare minimum of words. Each word was so measured and calculated that it touched the hearts. Everyone enjoyed and we were all clapping after his each sentence spoken so dexterously. It was truly enjoyable.

First he said: “I thank Indira Gandhi. When she delayed my plane and kept delaying its take-off from Delhi I thought I will never come here to meet you. She finally allowed the take-off. All credit to her”

AND SOMETHING he said WHICH DESERVES A PRIZE FOR ITS BREVITY. IT WAS: “panch tarik (showing his five fingers in a mesmerizing way and carefully nodding his head) ko soch ke vote dijiye nahin toh panch saal bugtoge (IF you carelessly vote on 5th you will suffer for 5 years). The elections were slated on November 5.

Two things touched me. Vajpayee’s simplicity in standing with us all bunched together in one small circle and secondly his passionate thirst to get rid India of Indira Gandhi and her venal rule. Indira Gandhi was running amok to save her chair and her stooges were leading her to her own destruction after she had committed the unforgivable sin of declaring Emergency. All our cherished institutions then lay shattered. Vajpayee spoke the truth saying India needs a whiff of fresh air not arrogance of one party or one woman.

But as it always happens in India it was not the same Vajpayee who I saw on that day when he became the PM. He had changed completely. He forgot what a sin it was going against India’s interests in an one-sided move of embracing the treacherous Nawaz Sharif. (Also see my earlier post of how he pandered to PoK Jihadists for two years on the plea that Ramzan was on and tying our army’s one hand behind the back in liquidating the thugs)


Interesting fallout of Vajpayee coming to Malkajgiri was my childhood playmate Venkatesh becoming so enamored of the BJP that he became its active member.


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