YOU CAN’T TREAT PAKISTAN WITH KID GLOVES. It keeps pumping terrorists into Kashmir who target in a dastardly fashion our jawans who die not knowing if the army fatigued dressed killers were Indians or Pakistanis.

One local man at Kathua was seen saying in all the English TV channels that when he heard the gunfire he thought — as it has become lately common among Indian troops – yeh log ek dusre ko maar rahen hain kya?. (Are Indianskilling Indians?)

What a shame that Indian soldiers are not allowed to destroy the 42 training camps in PoK from where the vipers originate. These camps continue to manufacture excellent Jihadis who bring death to our jawans at their doorstep.

I wish to tell Narendra Modi that if United Nations Charter – Article 51 (on self-defence) applies to any country it is more ONLY to India which has been facing a relentless assault on its integrity and unity by Pak sponsored terror for decades. Israel uses this right to defend itself. WHY IS INDIA STANDING NAKED IN COWARDICE NOT MOVING IN AND SMASHING THE 42 CAMPS? If India cannot do it then it has no reason to call itself a civilised country.


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