We Indians are quick to criticize others. Before we criticize the Separatists like Syed Asiya Andrabis or the Hurriyat or Yaseen Maliks we must also understand that Kashmir is indeed a disputed territory despite the Parliament passing a lofty resolution claiming it to be an integral part.

WHEN MAHARAJA OF KASHMIR ACCEDED TO INDIA THAT WAS A FINAL ACCESSION. PERIOD. Nothing pointed to any flimflam in Maharaja’s action. BUT NEHRU THREW OPEN A DOUBT ON INDIA WHETHER IT WAS INDEED AN ACCESSION BY RUSHING TO THE UN. In other words he was asking the UN to judge if the accession was done in right spirit !!!

Even if it was the mischief played by Lord Mountbatten to send Nehru rushing to the UN, as some apologists of Nehru claim, the fact remains that we ourselves have raised a question over the perfectly legal accession. THIS IS THE INDIAN FIG-LEAF PAKISTANIS AND KASHMIRI SEPARATISTS ARE POINTING AT US AND MOCKING US AS THE FIG-LEAF BARELY HIDES OUR SHAME.

When Indian Army was doing a great job throwing out the Pakistani irregulars out of Kashmir the then Army chief on coming to know that Nehru was planning to rush to the UN, which could lead to premature ceasefire, is said to have asked Nehru for a fortnight more before Kashmir was cleared of all Pakistani SHIT. But Nehru overruled the Chief and did his worst harming India to the core. Why blame Andrabis and Yaseen Maliks for what Nehru did to us?

Had India then taken over the PoK in one quick forward motion would the Pakistani dog dared to wag its tail today? Or will the stooges like Hurriyats done that?


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