Our youths go ga-ga by the glamour of Cricket. Can anyone of them who are seen jumping with joy at Virat Kohli scratching his beard run a mile or even a 100-yard dash?

They simply want to know the score but do they know India’s score having exceeded 1.25 billion? India is a decaying nation and is decaying fast. There is no place to stand or walk or live. None is bothered as there is cricket tamasha to be enjoyed 24×7.

This is shameful. Does anyone in India bother about MANLY sports & games that Olympics represent?

It was the accursed Indian National Congress which castrated us through Quotas, Secularism, Cricket and cheap Bollywood thrillers. India was misled by unscrupulous political brigandry and we have reached a stage where what is shameful to others is not a shame to us.

Dhoni and his boys got the jitters once the Aussies made 300. Should these Rs 160 crore wealthiest Indian boys not have played to the last man and the last round going down bravely? I casually watched TV for a few minutes and saw one of them scoring quarter-runs, half-runs and singles. It is like hitting Mike Tyson with a ping-pong ball.

There is no shame in going down fighting. But fight you must. That is the glory of Man. Did Dhoni’s boys do that or were they seized by a strange paralysis of feeling gloriously backward?

I want other sports and games to be given more weightage than the bloody cricket. Cricket helps the politicians to divert attention from their malfeasance and anti-national activities. For political riff-raffs cricket is godsend and a time tested anodyne to be purveyed and applied on our heads to hide their sins and what they have deprived the people who never should be in such a sorry state for their only sin was electing these worthies.

Cricket leads to nowhere. It is a waste of national time. Let me recount an incident how two of my college classmates who went all out to embrace cricket as a career went nowhere expect being left on the road with a bleak future. This is how badly cricket impacts our way of thinking and youths have fallen prey to this deadly game.

However I need to end on somewhat slightly positive note by saying that another classmate of mine Kanwaljeet Singh who managed to survive the vagaries of cricket politics. Today he is financially well off.

Kanwaljeet and I had sat side by side during my KVT school days. Later he became one of the best Ranji Trophy players of Andhra Pradesh being a classical offspinner. Yet despite his brilliance as an excellent offspinner, the politics in cricket left him demoralised and sidelined as he never got a chance to play in the Test except once when he was sent mockingly to Holland.

Kanwaljeet’s bad luck was his contemporary Shivlal Yadav had better managerial skills (even today he is right hand man of Srinivasan) and Yadav was well connected and more powerful than Kanwaljeet. This is how politics in sports destroys Indian sports.

TS SUDHIR, THEN IN NDTV and now with Headlines Today, HAD CARRIED A CAPSULE ON KANWALJEET’s OFFSPINNING ABILITIES WHICH WAS truly STUNNING. EVERY ball Kanwaljeet BOWLED HIT DEAD centre (the middle stump) again and again with a bullet like precision. It is disgusting that politics makes people like him go unrecognised..

I had interviewed Kanwaljeet while editing Ramoji Rao’s newspaper “Newstime” at Hyderabad and I had asked him how despite his rich talents he had not been recognised as a Test material. He said, “Bala, that is my Fate. I don’t want to blame anyone.”

Dear Indians. It is not your Fate. Your Fate is far far better than what the politicians make it out for you. You are being diverted from real issues and turned into a zombie suffering as you do from a new type of incurable disease called CRICKET PARKINSON. The sad part of it all is you are too cricket crazy to understand the damage being done to you.


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