VK SINGHji Please SEE RED, not green

VK Singh is truly a great man. Even though he knows he is doing something disgusting he does it with a panache that has a sad tale to tell.

He was asked to go GREEN and he went Green in shining armor. And he left the venue quickly in disgust for whatever reason and that is a good sign that something like conscience was bothering him.

But the question is when he does his duty the NEXT time will he be wearing a skull cap and reciting namaz to show how secular he and his BJP bosses are with Hurriyats, Muftis and Pakistanis watching with glee the inane tamasha?

India is a SICK country. It is sick because it prefers to fall at the feet of its enemies than disciplining them on any principle. It is tragic in a real sense that a former army chief should go and hobnob with traitors because he had to do his “duty” as he claims. He was the same army chief, remember, whom his political bosses ignored when he lamented to them in writing that the army was critically short of equipment and ammunition in artillery and armoured regiments. If the politicians had let him and India down why does he work under them and then claim he had to do his duty to wear GREEN?

He should see red, not green.



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