STOP Kowtowing

Narendra Modi tweets “It is my firm conviction that all outstanding issues can be resolved through bilateral dialogue in an atmosphere free from terror & violence”

Pakistan needs to be isolated and quarantined as it has become Smallpox of terror. What sort of talks does Modi refer to with Pakistan leading to resolution of “all outstanding issues”? Only issue with Pakistan is Kashmir. ARE THERE ANY OTHER ISSUES THAT IS BOTHERING PAKISTAN?

Pakistan wants Indian Kashmir. Period. It is no mood to listen and never was in the mood to listen for last 66 years. Pakistan will never accept anything short of getting hold of Kashmir. Even if it agrees for turning Kashmir into a buffer country like Switzerland will India agree to it? On the whole Kashmir will never be solved between India and Pakistan even if the year is 33,435 AD, that is even after 31,420 years, unless there is a Third Party mediation or intervention.

The same situation prevailed between Israel and the Arabs as both were intent on annihilating each other. It was Clinton who brought the two warring factions together at Camp David and hammered out a peace agreement.

Let us take an example how knotty Kashmir PROBLEM is.

Mr A wants to live happily with his married wife. But the neighbour Mr B says Mrs A belongs to him and not to Mr A. This despite Mr B having his own wife. Now how can Modi say A should talk to B and convince him that Mrs A belongs to him? Is this the way forward? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY WITHOUT A THIRD PARTY MEDIATION TO RESOLVE KASHMIR ISSUE.

We QUOTA-SICK Indians love to live in a Fool’s Paradise created by politicians. Modi begging for talks is a complete giveaway that he has failed to tackle Pakistan. Even the Hurriyats and Muftis are openly laughing at Modi and Modi caving in is throwback to the well-known honed Indian art of kowtowing to our enemies.


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