There is an income tax lady known to me. She told me about an incident when a colleague of hers had sent some of her files back and one was missing. When she questioned the guy he shouted at top of his voice saying all the files have been sent back and there is nothing with him. She meekly did manage to say that the file is not with her and it has to be with him. He refused to listen refuting her in his blaring voice.

After a few weeks the file was found with this “loud speaker” man and when it was returned the lady quietly accepted it. She could have protested that the guy was all along carelessly bluffing her.

She revealed the reason why she maintained a low profile when the man was misleading her.

“He is BACKWARD (quota guy). Nothing will come out of it pointing his mistake. What can I say to him?”

I felt nauseated. What sort of a MONSTER India have we created? Does any son of a gun politician realise how bad we have degraded ourselves?

Even if China and Pakistan had attacked us with atom bombs it would not have been so worse than our present state of affairs. Nehruvian traitors have made India not only laughing stock but truly QUOTA-SICK.


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