A man while attempting to climb an unconquered mountain slips and falls down the far side of the mountain. At the end of his descent he finds a valley cut off from the rest of the world on all sides by steep precipices. He enters it and encounters a blind man. Ignoring him he goes further and sees an unusual village with windowless houses and everyone he meets is blind. It was the Valley of the Blind.

Now this guy has come so far away from civilisation that he thinks it will be better to spend sometime here before he can think of moving out to go back to civilisation. He makes friends and one of them tells him that this valley of the blind was once a prosperous village but a strange disease struck rendering everyone blind. “The blindness spread over many generations and even today all newborns are born blind. However by grace of God though we are all blind we have a FIFTH SENSE so sharp that we don’t miss our eyes. We hear to see everything and nothing is missed. We know exactly what is happening. Even if an ant moves we know that an ant is moving.”

After a few days he is assigned to work for the village headman and he falls in love with his youngest blind but beautiful daughter. He tells her repeatedly the beauty of sight but she simply dismisses it as his fancy of imagination. She was BORN blind and refuses to believe that something like sight can exist.

One day this guy asks her if she will marry him. She tells the village elders about it. They are convinced that this man who talks about SIGHT is a peculiar and “unstable” chap because of his obsession with “sight”!!! And the village doctor suggests that this man be forcibly blinded so that the disease affecting his brain is cured and he becomes normal like them. So every one of them forcibly holds him and blind him mercilessly. And then they say he is an eligible bridegroom fit enough to marry their daughter.

Over a year or two later things settle down. One day someone asks him whether he is enjoying life without his eyes which he ones used to boast and talk too often. This guy says: “I have now forgotten the concept of sight but instead have developed a fifth sense like you to detect and understand people and what happens around. I still see the outside world without my eyes much better than I would have seen when I had my sight.”

MORAL OF THE STORY???: Today Quotawallahs and Quotawallis are not different from the man who was blinded. These Indians are blinded by a passion emanating from our CONSTITUTION that shows backwardness as a bliss. Even if many of them are rich still they feel the glory of being backward and say THANK GOD WE HAVE the FIFTH SENSE of SEEING OUR BACKWARDNESS. IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD.

If Jignesh has the FIFTH SENSE unfortunately I do not.


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