Congress will be withdrawing support and Modi govt is going to fall on Monday as Chandrasekhar’s govt fell with Rajiv Gandhi withdrawing support. This is the acute hallucination of the Congress leadership which is in doldrums.

Sonia Gandhi can hallucinate. Shouldn’t Abhisek Singhvi not tell Sonia that he is NOT READY to hallucinate like her? How strange Indian democracy makes Quota-sick politician hallucinate when they are thrown into the dustbin!

Singhvi claims basic structure of democracy has been destroyed because some Joker was snooping on Rahul Gandhi. Congress Jokers should have laughed and thanked Delhi police for giving them some humorous moments when they see their two Sphinges hardly smiling. But the Dynastic zombies are rushing to TV channels claiming that Rahul Gandhi has been exposed. Wasn’t he exposed when the voters rejected him?

If this was to divert attention from MMS being hauled over the coals than it is a poor joke. Even Manmohan will not be amused.


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