On December 11, 2007 MMS had come to Ahmedabad to canvass for his party in the impending Gujarat Assembly elections. He was addressing the Press at an open ground adjacent to the Tagore Hall, Paldi.

After Joydeep of NDTV had asked a question I quickly took the microphone from his hand and asked MMS why Congress is dilly-dallying in executing the Supreme Court order on Afzal Guru. “Why are you keeping Afzal Guru in backburner?”

MMS seemed perplexed at this unexpected question. I was wondering if ever he will open his mouth. But to my surprise he went on a fast rant saying the due process of law is being applied in the case and Afzal Guru was entitled to the due process of law…blah..blah…blah. He took like a minute talking about the “due process of law” whatever that meant.

As he was speaking I was thinking that my next question would be to pin him down asking : “WHAT DUE PROCESS OF LAW ARE YOU TALKING? CAN THERE BE ANY DUE PROCESS LAW ABOVE THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA HAVING PRONOUNCED ITS VERDICT?”

MMS never gave me a chance to ask that logical question. No sooner he finished ranting he turned and ran like a rabbit. Everyone was taken aback. The question-answer session had just begin and MMS was running away! In a chorus the majority of TV channelwallahs, like the Zee, TV9 etc began shouting, “Sir, Sir, we too have questions to ask. Please wait.”

But MMS was least bothered. He simply ran away. The way he ran it would have made Usain Bolt go green with envy.

As a Prime Minister of India he should have stood his ground. There was no shame in admitting that Afzal hanging was a political hot potato and Congress was finding it difficult to handle it. Had he admitted it the nation would have sympathised with Congress predicament. But the problem lay in Congress brand of DESTRUCTIVE Secular politics which was meant to appease Muslims at any cost and this was what proved too tough for MMS to uncork on that day when I confronted him.

Afzal case could have been handled with dignity once the Supreme Court had its final say. But the cowardly Congress was not able to swallow it or spit it out because it was suffering from SECULARITITS. And finally when it did act to show itself in better light it lacked the basic decency of sending the body to Afzal’s family. Whatever was Afzal’s sin after his hanging his body could have been returned to his family. After all wasn’t he a citizen of India or is the Congress implying that Kashmir is a separate country within India?

One needs to be reminded of Kargil. The Pakistan’s Northern Light Infantry was the main culprit in trespassing Kargil. Once we had finished pounding them, the NLI chaps bodies were lying around. We picked it up and took it to Pakistanis for an handover though Pakistanis refused pretending the bodies not of their countrymen.

India never misses niceties — notwithstanding shame of Sharm-el-Sheikh — to be shown to a terror state like Pakistan. But we have been alienating the Kashmirs with our snobbery and a directionless attitude in failing to bring them into the mainstream.

Today the cancer has gone out of control. Mufti is unfurling the Kashmiri flag. What next?


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