Mufti is going according to a diabolic gameplan and this spells danger to Modi though not to BJP. Mufti is becoming a McCarthy and a pain in the neck for India while for Pakistan he is a case to rejoice. Unless he is quickly brought under control things will be going bad to worse. How can anyone trust Mufti when he began showing his fangs even before the swearing-in was complete?

A Vajpayee as home minister is compounding the problem. Mufti is playing his own dirty tricks in the hope that Narendra Modi will allow situation to slowly go out of control which he can milk in his own favour. If JK Govt tomorrow says their Constitution is supreme — already one of PDP minister is saying with regard to hoisting JK Flag on equal footing with the tri-colour — that spells real danger.

Ironically Mufti’s men say he is not bothered if Art 370 is scrapped. But BJP has developed cold feet. Even it has forgotten about Pandits. One BJP guy on NewsX Online was saying the alliance is too young in the day and there is still time to do things right. Only FOOLS will believe Mufti that he is doing something good for Hindus of Kashmir.

Mufti is in mufti and is playing to his core constituency giving the impression that Indian occupation of J&K will soon end. Is Modi seeing the writing on the wall?


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