Congress Mafia and Coal Mafia are the two sides of the same coin. It is difficult to understand the labyrinths of corruption that Congress Mafia created in Coal Mafia to make India a loot worthy nation.

In July 2004 Coal Minister Shibu Soren went underground after arrest warrant was issued on murder charges. After a week MMS made Soren quit the Cabinet.

However seeing the 2005 Jharkhand assembly election around the corner MMS re-inducted him into the Cabinet giving him back the coal ministry on 27 November 2004. Why did he do it when he had “SUPPOSEDLY” sacked Soren? Did Soren change his character? The answer is MMS is a Sonia stooge and had to do what Sonia asked him to do. Even the right to mumble was taken away from him.

When Lord Yama was seen at the doorstep of the Congress Party MMS was told to say the treasonous line: “Muslims have first right over the country’s resources.” He said the line but Yama came nevertheless making the Congress Muslims vote for the BJP for a better future .

Now MMS is not guilty of mere dereliction of duty which he anyway is. He was part of the conspiracy by his acts of ommissions & commissions to allow all & sundry to loot India cleverly confusing everyone by using the fig-leaf called “Man of integrity” and “The Man who will not take a Penny” to cover his own and Congress’ treachery.

Early 2005 then Coal Secretary Parakh wrote to MMS that Soren was removing Coal India directors and putting in their place his own dummy men. He was also said to be removing or tampering with the files. GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED.

“Coal Ministry is being run by the mafia,” Parakh wrote to MMS while Soren too was counter-accusing Parakh of misdemeanor which was confirmed by CBI. Parakh was accused by the CBI of favouring and giving two coal blocks in Odisha to Kumar Mangalam Birla. How much money changed hands is anybody’s guess. Most of the money anyway will be in Swiss accounts of ministers and bureaucrats.

Instead of kicking Birla and Soren out MMS said Birla deal was “entirely appropriate.” LOL

There was an open civil war between Coal Minister Soren and Parakh and MMS was watching like some eunuch watching a FIXED cricket match.

Soren had a lucky break after destroying the coal ministry as he was made CM of Jharkhand on 2 March 2005 but shamelessly resigned within nine days for failing to obtain a vote of confidence.

On 28 November 2006 Soren was sentenced to life term and in 2007 Delhi HC in its wisdom overturned the verdict.

Twice Soren was inducted as coal minister. And this stooge of a “Man of Integrity” saw his Mistress marching recently to his residence presumably to rescue him after falling from the high horse. Obviously no one will rush to commiserate with their stooges. Then did Sonia march to save herself?


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