Maranam Bindu Patanat,

Jivanam Bindu Rakshanat

This Is what our Yoga Sastras say. It means: “Falling of semen brings death; preservation of semen gives life. Semen is the real vitality in men. It is the hidden treasure in man. It brings glowing effulgence to the face (Brahma Tejas) and strength to the intellect.

Sex impulses are the powerful biological urge common to animal and man. One who controls the urge happens to be a noble human being. Sex brings life on this earth be it human, animal or plant life. But God has also given Man common sense to regulate himself and escape the bewitching trap of sex.

Kabir says, Man is the only animal indulging in sex round the year while animals are in heat only during the mating season; and thus maintain health while Man loses his vitality. Man boasts of superior intellect but has failed to learn lessons from birds and animals. Even animals have more self-control than man. Only man has the power to degrade himself by sexual excitement and in the process suffering various diseases. He has degenerated to such an extent that he has sunk to a level lower than of animal. Astounding it is he has not realised his folly.

In another doha Kabir says:”Deepak sundar dekhi kai, jari jari mare patang ! Badi lahar jo visyaki, jarat na mode ang” (Seeing the beautiful lamp glowing moths are fatally attracted and die a horrible death writhing in agony. Likewise one who is caught in the snare of sexual enjoyment meets the same fate as the moths though he dies thinking that what he is undergoing is pleasure of unimaginable magnitude.)

“Aaharinidrabhaya maitunam ca samachametapasubina ranam”

(Food, sleep, fear and copulation common to animals and man. That
which differentiates a man from an animal is power of discrimination. Human life is not meant to be wasted succumbing to lower appetites such as sex and that of the tongue. If gratification of sexual desires without restraint is all that a Man thinks is worth living than Man is terribly doomed. He can only recover through the path of self-realisation)

In our ancient spiritual Bharatavarsha, our forefathers followed the do’s and don’ts of sex which led to better health and longevity resulting in spiritual welfare of all.

But modern man is not only ignorant of his own scriptural treasures but he brazenly mocks at them. The educated class is the worst culprit and to show how modern it is it pollutes itself with impunity so much that the moral decay is increasing day by day.

Brahmacharya or celibacy is something noble and spiritual. Our scriptures say lust is the cause of our births and painful deaths. That is why true saints practice celibacy to control sexual impulse.

But man is troubled by sexual illusion in the form of woman even though he has an inkling that sex and ego are leading to his doom. However what he needs to worry more is the lust which is the deep-rooted instinct and that fills his mind and his whole body. A man may have million desires like desire for money, power, son, property, house etc but the central desire is sexual desire. All others come much later.

Maybe God has to be blamed for making the sexual desire too powerful to overcome. Eradicating lust is possible only if mind is brought under control with Brahmacharya. Only then the soul can merge with super soul or Brahman or God Himself.

Today even the so-called sadhus or sants demand 5 star comfort. Man has degraded himself to such an extent that he is a slave of his passion both his body and tongue. But passion for women is the one which is so strong that it even leads him to mindless murders. The whole world seems to be under sexual intoxication. This has led to perversion of all sorts. God is mocked at every level though everyone professes to be committed to God’s commandments and yet daring to kill his fellow human beings presumably his God wants it. And then there is the madness to be fashionable, go to restaurants, hotels, dinners, dances and cinema without realising precious life is being wasted in eating, drinking and sexing.

Today the way porn has grown into a mammoth industry is incredibly shocking. Even educated and decent girls seem to be swayed by it to make a quick buck. Porn has become unlimited and there is a palette of sexual perversions to be had and which is too shocking to imagine. What was once shocking is no more shocking. It has become pleasure.

INDIA HAS LOST ITS SOUL The sacred teachings of our ancient sages have been ignored. Nay are being scorned upon! Even a Pandit comes drunk to do puja or last rites. What a lamentable state!

From embracing the Western toilet Indians have now embraced the decadent Western sexual mores fast losing their individuality — slowly turning permissive and self-destructive. Swayed by lust there is no sense of righteousness or the power to discriminate good from the bad. This is why India keeps sending hooligans to Parliament who then coolly harm us with impunity and divide us to rule. When we fail to discriminate good from the bad, the political class keeps doing wrong with gay abandon. No point in lamenting that political lumpens have lost sense of shame.

And this skewed sexual attitude aping the West is what leads to murder and rapes like Nirbhaya. Nothing, repeat nothing, be it robbery, rape, kidnapping, assault, murder or looting the national wealth is seen as taboo.

Lust for women and lust for money have sapped our strength, our vitality and turning us into abject liars EVEN UNDER OATH without a sense of shame or remorse.

Forget Brahmacharya. All that a modern man looks for is “Ahara, Nidra, Bhaya and Maithuna” (food, sleep, fear and sex). Man has become really an animal. His lust makes him ask “What is Dharma?”

Sexual degradation led the Yadavas after the Mahabharata to destruction. Yadavas who had bred like rats began killing themselves with clubs made of tall Eraka grass. The madness began after death of Lord Krishna in the 36th year after Mahabharata ended. The entire race of Yadavas was wiped out in internecine conflict. It is said following complete extermination of the Yadavas Yudhisthira and Pandavas were so disgusted that they renounced their kingdom and left for heaven.

The modern youths are turning into Yadavas of yore without knowing that like scorpion having venom in its tail the women he sees too have enough poison in their eyes to stir lust and lead him to doom.

SEX IS ILLUSORY. It can never give a sense of fulfillment as one who indulges in sex knows well. Sex is like overdose of antibiotics. More power is needed to give the same relief as earlier. Sex too needs new flavours and the man keeps sinking in sex mirage as if trapped in a quicksand. Sex is the trick the BRUTAL mind plays to deceive us.

For a sage who has self-realised he sees the world lifting the veil of Maya while a lusty man sees the world as full of women. He could easily fall in love with a PCO booth if it is wrapped in a beautiful petticoat.

Indeed passion is a terrible curse. Even most of our diseases can be traced to loss of semen. Memory loss or eye-sight degeneration, palpitation of the heart, fickle-mindedness, lack of thinking power you name it. All are due to this fatal internal weakening thanks to a lust-filled mind.


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