It is heart-warming to note that Editors Guild of India has asked the government to revoke the ban on the telecast of the BBC documentary, terming the move “wholly unwarranted”.

With a land full of Psycho Goswamis it is a good news that some sanity does prevail in Quota SICK India.

The Guild said the documentary, ‘Storyville: India’s daughter’, portrayed the courage, sensibility and liberal outlook of a family traumatised by the brutality inflicted on their daughter, the continuing shameful attitudes towards women among the convict as well as the educated, including lawyers.

Ripping open the BJP secularists right to their underwears the Guild said it is an after-thought to say the film “created a situation of tension and fear amongst women” and the convicts would use the media to further his case in the appeal that was subjudice.

Are the VAJPAYEES of the BJP trying to say that Mukesh Singh and others can use media to influence the Supreme Court? If that is their contention than Modi must resign and let the known Congress devil come back and take over the reigns.

Only psychos like Arnab Goswamis will feel the ban is needed when what is needed is to enable the long-suppressed people of India to view the positive and powerful documentary touching on the freedom, dignity and safety of women.


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