Today in Puthiya Thalaimurai, a Tamil TV channel, I saw a grossly fat DMK writer in a debate with a BJP MLA. This DMK guy wearing dark glasses was vociferously protesting against banning cow slaughter saying stopping Muslims from eating beef is hurting their sentiments apart from violation of the Secular Constitution !!! Phew!

When the BJP said a 1976 law banning cow slaughter already exists in Tamilnadu this fat DMK guy refused to accept it even suggesting the BJP was lying. When the moderator said he did not know of such a law against the ban, the BJP guy said he will show it after the programme. He had brought some sheafs of papers with him.

There is another NASTY DMK species ruling Karnataka today. Siddaramaiah has lifted ban on cow slaughter introduced in 2012. Somehow in India Secularism always triumphs over decency.

In India even states like Jammu & Kashmir has banned cow slaughter. Socialist Cuba and a Muslim Iran too have banned it. Iran banned at the request of a non-Muslim, Seth Merwanji Framji Panday.

Buggered by secularism India is playing footsie with cow slaughter when the menace has taken a monstrous turn with 2 lakh cows slaughtered daily and in the process killing our agriculture and degrading the farm soil.

Mercifully Maharashtra’s Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 1995, nearly after 19 years has got the assent of President Pranab Mukherjee now. Cow killing was previously prohibited. However, the new Maharashtra Act will ban slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks, which was previously allowed based on a fit-for-slaughter certificate. The new Act strangely allows slaughter of water buffaloes, which make up only 25 per cent of the total beef market in the state.

So many state Acts came up despite there being an original Indian act of 1964 banning slaughter of cows, calves or she-buffaloes. However, it allowed the slaughter of bulls, bullocks and buffaloes provided they were 12 years of age or above and also unfit for breeding, did not give milk or victims of drought.

In a shit called Indian democracy there is always an EXCEPTION PROVIDED TO THE RULE and it is always shown as a small hole in the compound wall which conveniently gets widened and widened by the quota- secular wallahs for the criminals to escape. All Acts in India come with an exception to disobey and mock at the law.

Interestingly, Cuba banned cow slaughter in 2003 not out of love for the poor animals. Fidel Castro like Nehru in the name of Socialism had spread poverty and misery far and wide and the poor Cubans ate away a large chunk of its cattle population out of sheer hunger. Fidel Castro’s socialism was veritable disaster for Cubans as much as Nehru’s socialism is to India. But Cuba has made amends long ago while Indian idiots are wavering and shivering.

The slaughter of cows despite the 1964 ban today has assumed alarming proportion and if not stopped immediately SECULAR INDIA will see a few cows ONLY in the zoo.


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