Yes Sir (ESSAR), Gadkariji

Gadkari, his wife, two sons and daughter spent two nights on an Essar luxury yacht stationed in the waters of the French Riviera between July 7 and July 9, 2013. They were flown to the yacht from Nice airport. All very NICE.

It would be unfair to target Gadkari alone when Congress looted India left, right and centre and many of its bandicoots are still at large hiding or roaming freely.

But there is a larger and serious point. All these gigantic perversions — politicians being larger than life, and in some state BIGGER than God, political largesse given on whims and fancies and dispensed in every budget. All these perversions can be traced to the door of QUOTAS.

Purveying Quotas brings in extreme perversion all done in the name of upliftment by brazenly assaulting the Constitution which has no idealism or equality left in it.

Quotas make politicians larger than life and attract Indian suckers in hordes. These suckers are spread far and wide and most worrisome is that corruption is not even corruption for these suckers because larger than life politicians purvey the UTOPIAN quotas. It is a vicious circle and honest people suffer badly.

Dhirubhai Ambani once remarked that if he does not grease the palm he will be finished. Should he commit harakiri or grease the palm was his DEVIL’S ALTERNATIVE? Both choices for him were unpalatable and it was like whether to drink phenyl or petrol. But what can one do in a Quota Raj when none can defy the Quota politicians or get ready to commit harakiri?

Hardly anyone, least of all the Facebook buffs, know that the once famous CBI itself was neck deep in corruption. Then CB director Mohan Katre was in Dhirubhai’s pocket and was getting monetary benefit through his son Umesh Katre acting as RIL agent. This was a big expose in Indian Express by one great journalist Maneck Davar at a time when Express itself was going all guns blazing after the Reliance Empire under Field Marshal Arun Shourie.

Before Umesh scam broke there were suspicion of Mohan Katre getting benefits out of Reliance. But Katre cleverly defended himself saying except holding a few RIL shares he had nothing to do with Reliance. Later it became clear when Devar broke the scam how relaxed the CBI was probing the l’affair Reliance. The grease was working smoothly!

Gadkari is Jekyl and Hyde personality. One face is always smiling and the other is a vengeful face very scary and rarely scene. So his is way of dealing with BJP’s enemies who in turn support him.

Gadkari’s nexus with NCP chief and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is well known. Arvind Kejriwal had accused Gadkari of usurping poor farmers’ land in Vidarbha by conspiring with Congress-NCP chieftains ruling the state then.

Kejriwal also said water meant for drinking and irrigation purposes was being diverted to Gadkari’s various factories. Gadkari has giant industries running under his name which includes five power plants and three sugar factories. He also owns agro-based companies, NGO, solar-based power company and even a super bazaar. When scarcity of water for drinking and irrigation was acute NCP was diverting water to Gadkari even as Maharashtra was suffering extreme drought and crop losses resulting in many farmers committing suicide.

Gadkari also said to have got vast tracts of unused land lying around idly from then water resources minister Ajit Pawar. Strangely when AAP leader Anjali Damania met Gadkari to request him to take up the issue of MASSIVE corruption in construction of irrigation dams Gadkari had bluntly refused asking Damania to leave NCP alone.


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