CONGRESS monkeys & the OWL

A group of monkeys arrived at a forest. It was winter and the monkeys were freezing in the cold nights. And they were hunting for fire to get warm.

One night, they saw a firefly and all the monkeys shouted ‘Fire, Fire, Fire, Yeah we got fire!’

Some tried to catch the firefly and it escaped. They were very sad as they could not catch the fire. All of them said without fire we will be dead.

The next night again they saw many fireflies. After several attempts, monkeys did catch a few fireflies. Putting the fireflies in a hole they tried to blow the flies in order to create a bonfire.

They blew the flies very hard without knowing the fact that they were flies!

A WISE owl was watching and told the monkeys, ‘Hey those are not fire! They are flies. You won’t be able to make fire from it!’

Monkeys laughed at the owl. One even mocked the owl, ‘Hey old owl you know nothing about making fire. Don’t disturb us!’

The Good Owl warned the monkeys again to stop their foolish act. ‘Monkeys, you cannot make fire from the flies! Please listen to me.’

The monkeys felt they know everything and tried persistently to make fire out of the flies.

The Owl made one last attempt saying instead of making fire go to a nearby cave to keep warm to avoid freezing to death.

One monkey shouted at the owl threatening to throw a stone at it and the owl flew away

Monkeys continued to make fire for several hours and it was almost midnight. They were very tired and then realized the owl was correct and they were foolish enough to blow fireflies. Luckily they managed to reach shelter at a nearby cave quickly escaping death.

Congress Party monkeys are doing the same blowing Rahul firefly to make it a Congress leader. One or two wise Congmen are in the warmth of cave nearby and if the monkeys led by Digvijay and Kamalnath realise it and rush to the cave they could all save themselves from “BJP Winter.” Irony is Rahul firefly itself is seeking warmth somewhere in Uttarakhand..


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