When Karunanidhi announced Quotas for Muslims, the Muslim community rose as one in horror refusing to accept the deadly quotas. All of them said “we don’t want it” to be divided and ruled like the Hindus.

Had the idiotic Hindus SAID A BIG NO when crafty Nehru and vengeful Ambedkar brought the dastardly caste quotas into our consciousness today there would not be the VIP CULTURE.

Once Hindus preferred to be beggared collecting any alms thrown at them the Political Maharajas saw it as a golden opportunity to kick us in the butt when we started protesting for being kicked in the shin.

To stop VIP Culture Indians should say clearly WE DON’T WANT ANY SOPS to the goddamn political beasts. You can’t keep a spitting cobra in your home and then complain of its spitting.

Make the political beasts your servants and then see the change. When you elect them {see my post: SERVANTS OR MEMSAHIBS?} make them understand that they will stay where they are if they learn to respect you and obey you and will not harass you when you are rushing to a hospital with your near or dear ones.


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