Katju calling into question the existence of God is right in one way if we tend to see God as someone sitting somewhere wearing a pant and shirt with a Rolex tied to his divine hand and cruelly watching us suffering.

But confusing God with soul is commonplace. Soul is not the God we perceive it to be. It is our consciousness or CONSCIENCE that should be seen as God. Everyone alive has it and even Osama bin Laden had it when he set forth on his murderous ways. Conscience is free from contamination and it is PURITY PERSONIFIED as it warns us when we do something wrong to enrich ourselves or to destroy others.

God cannot be equated or seen as we see someone like PM Modi living in 5 RCR (see my earlier post “Oh God! WHERE ARE YOU?”). God is indescribable and is the ultimate consciousness and what we consider sufferings could have a different meaning if we understand what reality is in the universal scheme of things. If God is someone powerful and wears a pant and shirt with Rolex in his divine hand than He certainly is not a God, let alone a good chap who should stop our suffering.

Soul looks as much different and separate from (Super Soul) Paramatma as a bubble looks in the Ocean. Maybe once the soul merges with Parmatma there is going to be a final solution to all the problems with the Ocean itself turning sedate and calm. One way is either you move fast towards understanding it by critical self-knowledge or wait till the Ocean has time to swallow the bubbles.

And for the moment the poor child suffering from cold, hunger has to be accounted for by the Karmic principle for want of a better explanation.

Principle of Karma could itself be called into question because when the first creation took place and Man was part of it the soul had to be 100% pure. Then why should it take a body that suffers if it had not committed any sin in the first place? These questions cannot be answered when ignorance persists due to lack of self-realisation. Only kaala chakra can bring out an answer.

But of course there seems to be a karmic underpinning to our conscience as it keeps telling us when we attempt to do wrong. Who the hell it is to interfere when we are happily doing something materially or mentally good for our own benefit though adopting the wrong means? Shouldn’t we admit it is the “REAL I” not the one we confuse as our body? It shows there is something called PURITY or “purity of thought” which is our conscience. Conscience is the Atmic good that exists even if one tends to ignore it.

Man in his arrogance feels Science is the answer, as Katju confidently feels, forgetting that our bodies are circumscribed with limitations with a puny, insignificant brain even if it has strong imagination to match. Yet Man is humble enough to admit that even if the impossible becomes possible say we could travel at the speed of light we still cannot be fast enough to reach our neighbour Andromeda galaxy, much like our own Milky Way, as it will take 22,00,000 (22 lakh) years to reach it let alone going somewhere further in the vast universe.

Man has terrible limitations like any other creature. Wisdom is not absolute. It is entrapped within the four walls of human limitation. It varies from species to species. For instance when two wise cats talk of God one is bound to ask, “I have heard about God. Does it have a tail, claws and whiskers or does it have a pointed nose like the disgusting mouse?”

Fortunately our wisdom comes with the power of discernment which no other creature has. This is what our rishis and munis have been saying since Satyayug and reconfirmed by Gita in answer to the question “WHO I AM”

“Na jayate mriyate va kadachin
Nayam butva bhavita va na bhuyah
Aajo nityah sasvato yam purano
Na hanyate hanyamane sarire

(The soul never takes birth and never dies at any time nor does it come into being again when the body is created. It is birthless, eternal, imperishable and timeless and is never destroyed when the body is destroyed).

Obviously this means we are confusing ourselves with our bodies due to limitations of sense faculty. Neither can we be destroyed even if we weep in ignorance when a close relative dies thinking that he is actually dead when he is not. It is like the barber cutting and throwing the hair away without destroying the person. We cry for the hair for having dead and gone. Cutting out the hair is a natural process and will keep happening as long as the soul exists. Baans will be there even if baansuri has gone.


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