Before the dawn of Modi era India was ruled by poverty wholesale trader Congress and its comrade-in-arms like Laloo who not only had the distinction of NUKING Bihar with GARIB BLAST but had an equally “unenviable” distinction of ruining the nation as railway minister.

Laloo robbed and cheated the passengers, harmed the Railways and the passengers by disturbing their sleep by BREAKING INTO TWO A SLEEPER BERTH TO EARN A REVENUE OR TWO.

He cooked up imaginatively a BOGUS “surplus” BUDGET that made Indian chatterati sing hosannas for him. IIMs saw which way the wind was blowing and heaped praise on this deceitful showman who believes in delivering poverty with ease.The first to fall from its LOFTY untainted pedestal was IIM Ahmedabd which fell hook, line and sinker to Laloo’s deceitful act of churning out a bogus budget. IIMA still lives with this shame.

But coming to a more substantive part, Laloo’s evilness is ingrained in his genes by God and it knows no bounds. As Bihar CM he was spreading poverty exactly the same way McDonalds spreads its burgers.

In one of his macabre spell of moods Laloo visited the house of a “poor” Dalit (I am forced to use “poor Dalit” to avoid confusion from the super rich Dalits born out of quotas and who get all the goodies).

While interacting with this poverty-stricken Dalit Laloo noticed he was eating rats to keep his soul and body together (THIS STORY WAS CARRIED IN DETAIL BY INDIA TODAY). What would any decent man do? If nothing he would have ran out of the house in horror or disgust, as you like.

No not Laloo. THIS MESSIAH OF POOR, was made of STERNER STUFF. He quickly noticed another cooked rat the Dalit had not eaten and quickly ATE IT as he later said to COMMISERATE WITH THE POOR Dalits (you guessed it. Of Bihar of course). The rat was actually the supper for the poor Dalit! Ab bolo bhai was it deplorable!?

If not what was deplorable? Seeing the poor Dalit in DEATH-LIKE condition going on rat-hunting the next day on an empty stomach all because a WHOLESALE TRADER OF POVERTY had different ideas?



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