Railways is one organisation which can be termed as a GOLDEN goose capable of laying a golden egg EVERY MINUTE of the 5,25,600 minutes in a year.

The IMMORAL antinational CONGRESS and its bosom allies like Mamata, Famata, Chamata, Kamta, LAMEta, Laloo and Paswan choked the railways after beggaring, quotaising, secularising, contaminating and degrading it to such an extent that it became a loss-making organisation, incurring 30k crore loss annually.

Strangely God was very kind to an accursed India when He thought undeserving Indians still deserve a chance even if they were luxuriating in quotas and secularism. God brought a Prophet-like figure called Modi. And God did not stop there. He further made Modi bring another Prophet called Suresh Prabhu. It speaks of the Greatness of God that he gave India two Prophets instead of one.

Today Indian Railways is in the hands of a Mahatma Prabhu called Suresh Prabhu after thoroughly ravaged by the Congress and its Mamata, Famata, Chamata, Kamta, LAMEta, Laloo, Paswan.

Indian Railways is CRYING for deliverance from the DARKNESS OF CONGRESS RULE and desperately needs blood transfusion of the RARE BLOOD GROUP CALLED “M.”

Thank God there is now a silver linging to the dark clouds. Indian politics rarely saw decent and saintly persons like Modi and Suresh Prabhu, the Prophet Prabhu.

Prabhu must Lead Railways towards Light.



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