Congress has another shame to boast when the next decent person after Sunil Prabhu to adorn the Railways was Dinesh Trivedi. Mahatma Trivedi was unceremoniously booted out by Mamata and Congress watched the gory scene with smug happiness.

Trivedi had a vision and was embarking on a reformist budget. Congress, Laloo, Aloo were all worried if this will make a dent on poverty. Poverty is the lifeline for Indian socialists, secularists, quotaists and plain morons. No poverty means sounding of the dirge for these lowly forces.

Mukul Roy was made to sit on Trivedi’s chair like Rahul Gandhi was made by the chamchas to sit on the Congress vice-president’s chair even if Pappu found the chair too hot to sit. This act of Congress-TMC is another most shameful chapter in the annals of railways history.

Roy sued for peace over Trivedi’s daringness. Trivedi sincerely meant NOT TO LOOT RAILWAYS but to improve workings of the railways to genuinely help the accursed passengers.

Readers will understand my point why I curse Congress and Laloo and others of its ilk by understanding this one example: Devil Laloo introduced Garib Rath for Garibs. Did the condemned poor of India need a Garib Rath when they wanted to see a new India and share its prosperity? Shouldn’t the madman at least, even if symbolically, have introduced an “Amir Rath” for the Garibs? How long should a garib live like garib? If a garib has to be a garib till Eternity comes why not call the British back to rule us?


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