Bore Ho Gaya Rahul

It was meant to be “BODH GAYA RAHUL” if Mahamuni Kamalnath is to be believed.

There is a saying “To be old and wise, you first must be young and stupid!” In Congress amount of stupidity available is so much that it sells at a premium. Maybe this is how Rahul is getting a makeover to become a modern Buddha”

Congress boasts of Gandhis, including the Mahatma, but never having a wise Buddha. Surely Congress could be epoch-making if Buddha is the last refuge of Baba.

Kamal Nath has already conferred sainthood for Rahul’s “Reflection” and “introspection” even as the Bodh Gaya in Uttarkhand seems to keep Rahul kool.

Rahulji the “MOST awakened one” could be whiling away the time somewhere while everyone is searching and Thailand sensing the Prince has gone.

Sadly when son was getting enlightenment somewhere and mummy squeamy and feeling sick the UPSTART Raj was Blabbering at Modi .

Congress is really sick. Never heard of a general running away from the battle and again never heard the same runaway general being dragged back to lead the army. Chamchas want this Buddha General made Field Marshal in March.

Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akaal

Maa: Nalayak Kahan gaya jab BJPwale majak udha rahen te?
Pappu: Chintan mein nikala ta kahin Congress na ludke
Maa: Phir kya lekhar Aaya chintan se?
Pappu: Bahut badiya tasverein Maa pagal ho jayogi


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