Being GOOD is not being a Christian or a Hindu or some such religious apparition. Being Good means proving that you are indeed a human being who can rationally think and discriminate for acting good. The power to discriminate — for good or bad — God has given only to we humans. Animals can’t rationalise or else it too would be having an air force and sacrifice the arrogant man for any of its rituals. But this power of discrimination orrationalistion is never used by Man judiciously because of his unending arrogance and ignorance.

Mother Teresa, like many others, dedicated her life to the service of society because she was a real human being. Why fit her into a mould of Christianness? If she wore a Christian dress so be it. Why hold it against her?

The problem with all of us is we LOVE to live like frogs in a well seeing only what we are in a position to see. Does the frog know how big it is outside the well? All it does is croak and croak the whole day as if to say arrogantly “See, how well I am counting the stars!”

We are worse than the frogs as frogs don’t kill their brother frogs. We quarrel and kill to prove our petty ideas about our religion as being supreme as if being pettiest of all is what God made us to be even going to the extent of claiming a copyright over it.


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