Industry honcho Deepak Parekh is perfectly right in saying nothing has changed on ground in first nine months of the Narendra Modi government.

The purveyors of Achche Din are shocked. Piyush Goel lashed out at Parekh saying: “If he (Parekh) is unhappy about some personal matter, then he should speak about it.”

Why attribute motive to Parekh, Goelji? Parekh is not so petty minded to link your achche did to “some personal matter” as you darkly hint. Shame on you.

Modi raised lot of optimism for Indian industries suffocated by the VENAL Congress medieval rule for over six decades. Has any changes seen on the ground today that infuses some degree of optimism? Should not optimism translate into revenues to show improvement in ‘ease of doing business?’ Where are the revenues to show achche din, Goelji?

‘Make in India’ will never succeed unless there is ease for doing business, fast-tracking of decisions, corruption eliminated and there is a degree of independence from bottom to top at the level of ministers.

In Hong Kong one can start a business within 15 hours. Goelji go to Hong Kong and see for yourself that your boss Modi is talking through his hat.

Agreed Congress had repeatedly ravaged Indian business and it is not easy for Modi to tackle these problems facing on several fronts. Then why talk of achche din? Can words break bones?

Though nine months is not enough to change a degraded India isn’t it long enough to show which way the business wind is blowing? Isn’t time Modi does something more than staging Roman circuses?

During UPA government there was so much “policy paralysis” that it was sickening and shocking. It was as if NO government existed. But Modi riding the wave on a grand victory had forgotten that so far God has been very kind to him.

“The thing is that our Prime Minister had a lucky period in these nine months. The world commodity prices are at all-time low which is helping India the most,” Parekh said rightly.

India must get its act together and sooner the better. The secular and quota mindset of his Cabinet seems to be a big drag on Modi. There is also something, FOR THE FIRST TIME I NOTICE, a sort of fear gripping Modi, a man known for no-nonsense and daring to do seems fearful to take steps quickly where it is needed.

Will his crony and overbrilliant Arun Jaitley turn into half Chidambaram and squeeze the common man in the coming budget? If this is the plan it is road to Hell.

If Jaitley does that thinking punishment is four years away it will be a sad day for India which saw a new Sun rising on the horizon.


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