ISIS turns INTO Ouroboros

Sometime last year the UN in its report vividly described how ISIS was killing indiscriminately fellow Muslims.

Even women for expressing unhappiness over ISIS policies and Sunni Muslim clerics refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS were slaughtered not to speak of untold atrocities on Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities. As if this was not enough American journalists and Western aid workers were also being butchered.

Probably ISIS is the first Islamic force in history CALCULATEDLY killing people following its own faith.

The UN report said ISIS in the first eight months of 2014 had slaughtered at least 9,347 civilians leaving thousands wounded apart from slaughtering 1,500 Iraqi soldiers and blowing up numerous Sunni mosques because the clerics refused to swear loyalty to ISIS.

ISIS knows killing Sunni Muslims could hurt if Sunni Muslim world is antagonized. Yet it seems not to care.

ISIS is clearly violating from top to bottom the very Islam they seem to espouse and practice daily. Why? Only reason could be the killing of Muslims has to be done if only to gain absolute power and therefore doesn’t matter if Sunni clerics, Sunni women or Christian or Yazidi women are butchered. ALL THAT IS REQUIRED TO GAIN ABSOLUTE POWER IS TERROR & SHEER BUTCHERY. The UN report had said it was slaughtering Muslims on a daily basis.

Maybe the ISIS is not aware that when some people asked Prophet Muhammad “Whose Islam is the best?” (that is “Who is a very good Muslim?”) the Prophet had replied: “One who avoids harming the Muslims with his tongue and hands.” (Bukhari).

ISIS may not be killing with its tongue. Certainly hands are put to good use. Maybe ISIS is yet to realise its enemy is KORANIC illiteracy rather then those being slaughtered for no fault of theirs.


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