A young Indian Lady Mrs Bright

Traveled faster than the Light
When asked how is it so?
Oh Dear, Indian Theory of Relativity
Education is Quotas and Caste squared

I had mentioned how Great Secularists like Ravi Shankar Prasad and Sushma Swaraj were trying to fence “unsecular” Modi after the Delhi rout. I point to these BJP Secularists because they believe like Congress in Utopian falsehood of quotas.

In an old NDTV Big Fight debate Ravi Shankar Prasad said “Reservations are only showmanship designed for votebank politics and not for their (Muslim) relief.” For the record he admits quotas are meaningless to Muslims.

His counterpart Sushma Swaraj and Brinda Karat were embracing and doing a jig as soon as women’s quota bill was passed in Rajya Sabha. The jig went without chaps from Guinness Book of World Records rushing in to see an unusual sight of a BJP mongoose dancing with a communist cobra.

Prasad did not explain why quotas cannot be good for gander if good for goose. Why not spread quotas irrespective of Muslim, Christian, Hindu, short, tall, blind, curved nose, fairy, hairy and moron?

The paradox of reservations is backwards remain backwards without turning forward. Those with merit are inferior to the one with caste to show. What sort of a nation is this?

Nehru’s quota gamble paid off thanks to a vengeful Ambedkar. Political class took it over from where Nehru left thanks to the undated cheque. Roller-coaster quota ride has no parallel in the world.

Supreme Court itself was subject of quota attack when India’s top two ruthless men (Arjun Singh and Paswan) brought in a Dalit KG Balakrishnan as Chief Justice of India. The drama was cleverly staged and as it unfolded it became clear when the SC under Balakrishnan overturned Andhra Pradesh high court’s judgment against 5% Muslims quotas.

Power hungry YSR’s 5% Muslim quotas was thrown out of the window by a seven-judge Constitution Bench of AP High Court in a majority judgement of 5:2. YSR knew his fortunes were sagging but he was more worried about the Dynasty (Mother-Son) duo sinking. None bothered Muslim majority seeped in poverty and illiteracy as the quota bait was to fool these unfortunate people.

After Mandal it was KG Balakrishnan’s turn to boost morale of caste traders. He refused to see reason, the same reason AP HC saw that data collected and observations made by Anthropological Survey of India for Muslims quotas were totally misleading and untenable.

Quotas are always payback time for politicians in elections. Nothing like good ole caste and religious sentiments.

With Muslim quotas in AP getting the SC nod, KGB then did something mysterious. He said he was referring the issue to a special SC bench to decide its Constitutional validity. Was it not like robbing the horse and then deciding if it is robbery?

After AP, UPA last year became emboldened to ask the Supreme Court to impose 4.5% Muslim quotas in education and jobs. Two upright Justices KS Radhakrishnan and Vikramjit Sen refused. They said let the Constitution bench supposed to hear Andhra case decide. And this bench is still a mirage.

“Religion-centric” or “caste-centric” quotas are both dehumanising and lead to fissiparous forces winning elections to enter Parliament and state assemblies to dehumanise everyone further.

Article 14 talks of equality before law. What equality and what law? A merited student forced to sit outside as General Category overflows and Quota Category out of bounds. Real Shame. South Africa ended racial apartheid while India persists with Quota Apartheid.

Licence to purvey quotas dangerous. Jayalalitha dumped her 69% quotas into Ninth Schedule to keep Supreme Court out of it after she breached 50% limit set by the SC. Tamilnadu was followed by Rajasthan with 68% again a mockery of SC limit. When Andhra Pradesh tried same stunt in 2005 the state judiciary rose to challenge the political monsters.

Quotas in promotions degrade self-respect. The SC had overruled quotas in promotions in Indira Sawhney case and the Congress Devil brought it back through its 77th Constitution amendment (Art 16(4 A) & (16 4B). Each time the courts stood up for India’s sanity and unity, Parliament passes constitutional amendment to trump the courts. This brahmaastra of a constitutional amendment works again and again. How sad if only Karna had Congress as his friend he could have killed Arjuna with ease even if he had used the brahmaastra already to kill Ghatotkacha.

Article.15(1) says: “State shall not discriminate any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them.” And then the same Constitution says discriminate you must. Madness unlimited.

Protective discrimination for disadvantaged sections is only feasible through economic upliftment. ISN”T MONEY A GREAT LEVELLER?

I heard once a Scheduled Caste IAS officer lamenting social acceptability being a far cry for these SC/ST groups. SC/STs have been fenced off from the mainstream by concrete quota walls. Unless all are equal in the eyes of law and live part of the mainstream where from social acceptability come? It is like a man accusing the villagers of not being allowed to be dry while he refuses to come out of the water pond standing neck deep there.

TAILPIECE: I once went to meet a classmate of mine for bagging an engineering seat. This chap was very studious studying day and night. As I heartily congratulated him for his excellent success and for his hardwork paying off he surprised me saying: The engineering seat had come from his father’s army quota. Did someone say MERIT?


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