As long as Arvind Kejriwal was a loose cannon he had a few enemies. Once he said he will enter politics and take on the mightiest of corrupt than all hell broke loose. How dare an upstart like Kejriwal take on the Establishment which promptly gives bakshish, mostly Quota bakshish, and happily allows Tom, Dick and Harry to stash in Swiss Bank?

Kejriwal was clear when he said “you cannot clean the gutter without entering into it.” But this was HERESY to both twitterati and chatterati. How dare anyone clean the Indian political gutters when it is so generous with its largesse? Even Anna and Bedi were swayed by the Establishment and forced to oppose Kejriwal in going the full course. Million impediments were created as a road block to stop him. Even Anna threatened him. It was not clear what would Anna have done with a shadowy Lokpal when the political gutter was flowing ceaselessly. His Lokpal would have turned out to be like a screwdriver used to clean the clogged kitchen sink. Anna retracing his steps from calling for a complete clean-up of political gutters was suspicious to say the least. His Lokpal would have been just a window-dressing..

It goes to the credit of Kejriwal that he took the plunge into the gutters. India should salute him.

Those who carp and say he is a bagoda I want to ask these half-thinking people: If he was so power hungry as is being made out why not stick like Manmohan Singh did applying FEVICOL to his PMs chair? As CM Kejriwal had everything to lose and nothing to gain by being a bagoda. Why run away and lose all perks and privileges? In India does it make sense to be a bagoda? Even Rabri Devi was sticking to her chair when she did not know how to sign her name.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Kejriwal deserves India’s eternal salute for BEING THE FIRST POLITICIAN in Independent India’s HISTORY to condemn quotas publicly. He had TWEETED once that quotas should NEVER be given to rich or those who are strong enough to stand on their own legs. NO mai ka lal POLITICIAN can dare to say that or tweet like that. For all his drawbacks let us learn to give Kejriwal his due. Let us not talk like Quota PERVERTED politicians.


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