Ravi Shankar Prasad hit the nail on head when he said the split in JDU came only after Jitan Ram Manjhi grew too big for his shoes.

When Manjhi replaced the top guys in Bihar administration with his own Dalit IAS officers, it was a big shock for this Mandalite. Like Frankenstein creating a monster this mad man had created Mahadalits to split Dalit votes and reap the whirlwind. But Manjhi outwitted the Nitish Frankenstein and is now ready to drink his blood.

Nitish created mess in Bihar and was thrown out last year in LS poll. He made virtue out of necessity and resigned appointing Manjhi to keep his CM’s chair warm like Laloo did appointing Rabri when he was sent packing to jail. Nitish is running around like a headless chicken while Manjhi is fuming at Nitish’s inherent evilness.

In Delhi Nitish is roaming the streets saying Manjhi is misfit to be a CM. From day one when Manjhi replaced Nitish in May last he was unfit to be a CM. Why make a fuss now?

When Manjhi took over communal clashes began and till now in his reign there have been 38 cases and not once Nitish raised his voice. Instead he was enjoying and fiddling when Bihar was burning. As Prasad rightly pointed out only when Manjhi did safai work of Nitish’s men that the mad men of JDU began crying foul.

“Nitish resigned on moral grounds. Then what has changed? Has he gained people’s confidence again?” asked Prasad.

Nitish accuses BJP of attempting horse-trading while he parades his MLAS shamelessly on the streets of Delhi. Shouldn’t he do that on the floor of assembly?

Manjhi is right in refusing to resign though expelled by another Quota Devil Sharad Yadav who rules the roost in a decayed and dying Janata Dal.

President Mukherjee saw the nautanki of a bunch of quotawallahs headed by a man who raves like mad without the lever of power in his hands.


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